Tony Harris First female scholarship football player

This is cool in my opinion and good for her on getting a scholarship

I don’t see any problem with this…publicity stunt ??? :sunglasses:


So, if a girl gets on a normally male team, does that count as one less female required on a girls team for Title IX?

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Enough with the politically correct bs. At the speed this is going what if a male athlete wants to be on a female team? It goes both ways.
Think about the consequences before we allow these types of decisions.
Think about the female athletes that are trying as hard as they can to win a competition or qualify for a team. Then comes along a transgender athlete. The he/she is now competing against females and wins. The same transgender is going to take the place of a female athlete…say on a Olympic team?
This is not about being moral or not. We are different by nature. Why are we trying to change “genetics”? Are we trying to please everyone? We can’t. This politically correct propaganda has to stop now.
I have two daughters. I sure do not see the benefits of having either of them on a men’s football, soccer or T&F team. Do you?


I think the difference is there isn’t women’s college football. She either plays on a men’s team or doesn’t play at all.


This isn’t something new…I remember New Mexico had a female kicker on their team a few years back. And I believe it’s happened a few rimes before that.

Colorado had a female kicker as well; it didn’t go well.

That’s right! The whole Gary Barnett scandal. Colorado was ridiculously good back then.

My wife and my daughter played football, i would love her to be playing again this year but the coaches last year were so horrible to her she refuses to play

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There should be absolutely nothing wrong with her being on the team if she earned her way on. There are a lot of girls playing at early levels and there is bound to be one once in a while that ends up with the size and speed to compete at the college level. It’s not like the average NAIA safety is 5’11 180 lbs and runs a 4.4. In fact just checked out their roster last year, two of the DBs are her height and a few pounds lighter. So depending on her speed, doesn’t seem to be anything political going on.

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You serious? That’s genuine, frontier gibberish . . .

Not only did she take the place of one, she offsets one too. If the school was already at equilibrium before that addition, two male scholarships need to be added somewhere. I’m not really sure how scholarship limits get handled since Title IX. Seeing as their has to be flexibility to match the changing population. Makes you also wonder, if a growing number of students are refusing to be identified as simply male or female and universities are complying, does Title IX need an update?


The post is spot on but unrelated to the article. The fact of the matter is that transgender should have to compete against men, period. I hate watching two Transgender that look like men smoke the field of women in the olympics. It ruins the spirit of the olympics for me.

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Can the above post be removed or moved to a different thread before the thread changes political? It really has nothing to do with a female playing football especially since a female or transgender male has zero advantages in competing in a men’s sport.

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She’s playing NAIA ball, not in the SEC. If she is literally that one-in-a-million who can play on a men’s team, good for her.

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I really want to see guys start trying out for the volleyball teams in junior high and high school. With just some average athleticism and more height than the females they could dominate.

This isn’t the same issue.

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@Texreg there are already several cases of boys on girls teams across the nation for decades. It’s a pretty simple concept. If the school has a girls’ team and no boys’ team, any boy can tryout for the girl’s team. But there is a difference in boys’ and girls’ volleyball. The net is lower. If the boys are taller and stronger than the best girls, it can become dangerous to the opposing team but generally the boys that are taller, stronger and have an urge to play competitive sports aren’t interested in joining a girls’ volleyball team. Now if you want to punish high school girls because one girl in a million is good enough to make a juco football team, then you might have other issues to deal with.

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