Tony Harris First female scholarship football player

Title IX isn’t anywhere near that rigid. It doesn’t require equality. There are three different ways to satisfy Title IX under the regulations. I can’t remember them all off hand, but if I think of it, I’ll pull it up this weekend.

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Let me ask you this. U of H only has a women’s soccer program. Should men be allowed to compete for a spot on the team? I can ask you in a different way. Think about how many Universities at the D1, NAIA or other levels that have women’s program in a particular sport. Does that give a male athlete the right to compete for a spot? We all know the answer. Let’s stop pretending and be hypocrites. Again it goes both ways. There are no women’s football program you might say. Again in the age of the politically right times what is stopping these same Universities from starting a women’s football league?

You need to work on your critical thinking skills if you can’t figure it out.


So much freaking out. There isn’t a quota for women on men’s teams. There is a quota for women’s sports scholarships. The University of Houston students subsidize $17m in the athletic budget from student fees and tuition. It makes sense legally, that if females students are paying equally to male students in those fees, that female athletic scholarships represent that.

If you want to pony up the $17m to eliminate student fees and allow tuition to be strictly for education go for it. If you want to start a petition that female students don’t have to pay the same amount of athletic fees as males, I’ll sign up. Until then, the sky isn’t falling.

You want to to back to a 1920s culture don’t you?

If a female is good enough to make a men’s team, more power to her. However, I would have a problem with a male playing on a women’s team. This applies even if there was not a men’s team for that particular sport. Just the way I was raised I guess. There are certainly exceptions but men have certain inherent advantages (generally more capable of attaining size and strength) over women, therefore as a rule of thumb it would be unfair for men to compete on women’s teams but not necessarily unfair for women to compete on men’s teams. That being said, while people may choose to see themselves as men, women or anywhere in between, when it comes to athletic competition, a person’s sex should be solely determined by the parts they were born with. It’s simply a matter of fairness.

Geez…this topic can be solely attributed to the summer boredom of no college sports being active !!!

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Not necessarily. That male athlete could go to another school and play. There is zero opportunity for a female to play college football other than on a men’s team. Zero.

And, there is nothing stopping universities from starting a women’s league but that doesn’t help this person wanting to play. It also would never work as you know.

The whole thing is a novelty and a publicity stunt, does anyone really care?

You may be right. She appeared in one game and had zero tackles her freshman year before being recruited by the other school and given a scholarship. I doubt you bothered to look it up before you made that assumption though.

Shaggy, you need to stop with the snark and unsolicited condescension of fellow Coogs simply because you disagree with them. You’ve been warned about this many times and it’s what gets threads locked or deleted.

That is the point. The world is not fair. We can’t please a few exceptions at the detriment of others. Hence the transgender issue in High School sports. This is becoming a huge problem in track and field. Multiple lawsuits have recently been filed. In the 70’s the Renee Richards example resonates even louder today.

This had the IOC to change their rules. The subject came up at the last Olympic games.
No women’s football league exist at the collegiate level. Why not if I may ask again? I have not read one logical answer on that. Every single time that we have heard about a female athlete playing on a men’s team this was indeed for a publicity stunt.
No money for it? No enough interest from female athletes? There are many reasons. Universities have the facilities already in place. Why not start one?

How does this female getting a football scholarship hurt anyone? If it’s a publicity stunt, so what?

And, money and interest is why a women’s football league won’t work. Seems obvious to me.

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The real word is not made of sports co-ed teams.I never mentioned a women’s professional football league. A women’s football program can exist at the collegiate level. I am all for it. Here is you answer.

The real world hasn’t been made up of lots of things until it was.

I’m not talking about a professional league either. A women’s college program could exist (I never denied that, I’m saying it won’t) but it likely never will. Even if they made it work in the future, it still doesn’t help this individual.

I do not believe that the NCAA would approve a Legends style women’s football.

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The way things are going with the amount of players that never even played in the NFL, being diagnosed with CTE, I wouldn’t be surprised if all organized American football is completely wiped out at the amateur level within a decade anyway. They need to wipe the slate clean and start over developing the sport without pads and helmets. Bruised ribs and broken bones have nothing on CTE.

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You may see significant growth in USA Rugby in upcoming years for that very reason.

That said…I don’t see American football dying out the way that you do.

NFL football still gets the highest TV ratings of any professional sport, and NCAA Division I college football is still BY FAR the most watched, highest attended non-professional sport in the world.

That ain’t changin’ anytime soon.

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