Tony Kong Recognized for Research on Trust, Positive Organizational Behavior, and Workplace Diversity

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Some of the country’s most influential management scholars, such as Jay Barney, Talya Bauer, Kathleen Eisenhardt, Tom Lee, Alan Meyer, Jone Pearce, Gretchen Spreitzer and Roy Suddaby, have been honored with the annual award that recognizes exceptional achievements in research, teaching and service in the early stages of their academic career. The award recognizes contributors in the field with “a professional trajectory that looks very promising for the future.”

Kong’s research on trust, positive organizational behavior and workplace diversity is centered on a desire to help people be more cooperative and pro-social such that they can be more productive collectively, he said.

“I’m really interested in how to make people think more about society at large, rather than just thinking about their personal benefit or profit. How can we make our world a better place to live and work, how can we make business’s more responsible, how do we make individuals more pro-social and cooperative? And by doing so, we can actually make our workplace more productive and also healthier,” Kong said.