Tony Levine update

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Wow. Maybe he’s moving onto the administration side?

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Wow I thought he’d rise back to a head coach someday. But I guess he didn’t see his career was hearing that direction.

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Just a guess here, but Tony always seemed to me to be a very family-oriented guy. And coaching, especially at this level, is tough on families. Maybe he decided he’d better get into something a little more 9 to 5 while his kids still live at home.


I met the coach once after a cold day game day when we were playing at the soccer stadium. My friends and I stayed to tailgate and let traffic die down. He was very cordial and talked with us for 30 minutes. I know he was not the best coach in the world but he was a very nice polite man so I have nothing but respect for him and wish him well what ever he does in his future.


if it’s because of location. i honestly wouldn’t mind bringing him in as our special teams coach


Spoke person for mr. Clean?


He still lives in Sienna Plantation.

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I agree. He wasn’t a good HC, but he was a good ST coordinator and a good, honorable man. I’m supportive of our recent offensive coaching hires, but I wouldn’t mind the program adding someone of his character right now.

Edit: His recruiting classes produced our best seasons in decades too.

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I absolutely would love to have him here again in an administrative capacity. Or recruiting coordinator for that matter.

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I met him on campus once and spoke with him. Super nice guy! Wish him the best, whatever he may decide to do!

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Nicest coach I ever met. He invited me into the AAC and allowed me total access. I wrote a 6 part series back in 2012 for the site when it was part of Scout on a “behind the scenes” look at the program. Talked to him for a good 30 minutes along with the OC, DC, S&C coach, football Ops (Pezman), equipment guy, the head trainer (Doc O’Shea) and the head of academics (Maria Peden). One of my proudest moments as a writer.

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I’m with you…Coach was the nicest man I’ve met in the coaching profession. He never failed to ask about my wife and family. I was disappointed that he wasn’t a better head coach for us.

I hope that whatever he ventures into next gives him satisfaction and success.

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No doubt he was one of the nicest folks I have ever met in the coaching profession. The first time I met him my wife and I were eating at Chili’s in Angleton. No way I was going to interrupt his lunch but when he saw my Coog cap he came over and introduced himself.
He was in Angleton closing out the deal with Ryan Jackson after being named our new head coach.
What a great guy…and when we checked out the waitress told us Tony had paid for our lunch. Will never forget that day…
Wish he had fared better here because he could sure recruit. I think perhaps he was too nice and loyal, especially when it came to his hiring of assistants.
He basically had the idea that we needed to run the ball more and help keep the defense off the field so much, something Herman came along and implemented with his players…


I never met Tony in person, but I know two people who have and both would vouch for everything said here. One used to be a career counselor at Dawson High in Pearland. She said all the coaches and staff loved Tony and would encourage kids to give real consideration to going to UH so they could play for a guy like him. The other guy is a neighbor of Tony’s in Sienna Plantation and their kids were on the same soccer team one year. He said Tony is such a down to earth guy who truly loves his family. I too wish it had worked out for him because he was such a high character guy and the players seemed to love him. It definitely was the bad assistant hires that sunk him. What an incredible talent evaluator he was, especially when it came to under-the-radar guys. I certainly wouldn’t object to bringing him back in a role that utilizes those strengths.

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If this is about getting back to Houston as some suggest, I know of a school looking for a STC. I think he’s still on the UH payroll for one more year at $250K too.

That said, it sounds like he wants out of coaching.

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Does Major live in Sienna too? I know Sumlin did.

All the best, Tony!

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I think Major lives in Bellaire. Herman lived over there and I believe he wanted all his coaches close by if possible.

There’d have to be quite a bit of fence mending for Levine to consider coming back to UH. Tough to come back to a situation where your heart was broken. Of course, the higher ups in the department have all left so who knows.

He’s got a Masters degree so he might consider getting into an Athletic Department. Maybe Pezman needs an assistant AD?

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So I Googled “Tony Levine retirement” and nothing came up. But this is a very interesting article, written this past October, via the “Journal & Courier” which covers Purdue football.

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Thanks for sharing that article.

Sounds like he may be thinking about going towards the music side.