Took grandsons to Little League World Series

along with my son. It was a great experience. Saw two games. We were on a short schedule with school starting this week. Next day we went to Cooperstown. If you have never been to either one, it is a great visit. Both towns are friendly and a fun atmosphere.


Been to Cooperstown three times in my life. If you haven’t been, and you love baseball, I highly recommend it. Love that place.


I have been once but plan on going back one of these days while I can still walk lol…went during the offseason a couple of years ago and had a great time…when we walked in they knew us by name after the first two or three days…
Great memories…I understand that during the summer months it gets quite crowded…so this old man loved going when the crowds were much, much smaller…

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Been to Cooperstown twice, spent an entire week both times. My goal is to attend a Little League, College (hopefully Coogs make it soon), and MLB, which hopefully the Astros go to this year.