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We made the not top 10 because of the punt return fair catch at the one. #3. Lol

Beat Navy!


I was afraid of that. I’m surprised running away from the kickoff didn’t get ranked too.

Remember when we wanted to give the keys to the car to Bryson Smith at QB 🤦 :joy::joy::joy:

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What is this “we” crap !!!

In defense of Bryson, Apple Boy had him fair catch so many (that is ALL) KO and Punts, that it was ingrained into his mind !!!

I blame the ST coach for not reminding him that Apple Boy had been canned !!!


I want to believe that Bryson was pushed into return man because Jones was out, maybe not completely mentally prepared and the fair catch was just muscle memory kicking in. Not a mistake he will repeat.


How else can you execute a 99 yard drive if you don’t start at the 1!


Start at the 5, lose 4 yards and then go 99 ?

Statistically speaking, that would be a 95 yard drive. I believe the initial LoS dictates the length of the drive.

Semantics. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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