Top 16 march madness

Worrisome that Cincy isn’t in there. Committee seems to be prioritizing record against Top 50. COOGS are 1-3 right now against the Top 50

Have to wonder if 20+ wins and a good conference tourney will be even be enough

Our biggest problem is lack of quality wins. No body is getting in with their best win at home to Rhode Island (missing their best player). Need to beat SMU and Memphis. The next problem is in the conference tournament our first opponent wont be a top 100 win and then we most likely get SMU again. Even if we get killed by Cincy twice, I would say two wins vs SMU and winning the rest of our games gets us in. Lose against SMU once and it’s a toss up.

Our next 3 games are huge. Can’t overlook UConn sandwiched between SMU and @Memphis either.

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Spot on.

We probably need to win at least 2 games vs. SMU/Cincy the rest of the way to be in the conversation and we may need 3.

· If there is one set of rankings that aligns most closely with the committee’s thinking to this point, it’s the dowdy old RPI – a metric that has been assailed in recent years as flawed and out of date bears closer resemblance to the committee’s top 16 than does the Pomeroy Ratings or the human polls (AP and USA Today).

Eleven of the 16 teams are within three spots of their RPI ranking. The only extreme outlier from the RPI is West Virginia, which is No. 14 with the committee and No. 33 in the RPI.

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