Top 25 football revenues

Interesting article. TCU is #24 at $52M. That could have been us had we had our stuff together. And yes I realize the B12 is faltering, but those schools are still raking in the cash. Much more so than us anyway. A&M #13 at $73.7 and of course the Whorns are #1 by a whopping margin at $127.5M. They made a PROFIT of $97.2M for the 2015-16 fiscal year. Unreal


Jim, thanks for posting. When we were jilted by the Big 12 last year I was as upset as anyone. They truly let the air out of balloon. And then when herman started flirting with LSU, and then the evil empire, well, it made for a bad year.
That said, I still say we would jump at the chance to join the Big 12 today if they offered. Turning down that kind of money would be totally stupid.
Besides we would get the chance to take our frustrations out on them!


2015-2016 USA Today database listing all Public School financial info

Houston comes in at 57th for revenue - 4th in the AAC behind UCONN, UCF, and Cincy

Houston also comes in 57th for expenses - also 4th in the AAC behind UCONN, UCF, and Cincy

Houston comes in 11th for total money allocated from the University, 3rd in the AAC behind UCONN and UCF

How is UCF making more money than us?

$15M more in Student fees

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