Top Gun Maverick 2020

Seen the trailer? I am looking forward to it.

The fighter footage looks amazing.

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Yeah…I’m all in on this one. I hope they get Iceman in it somehow.

I think he going to be in it but he was dealing with cancer I believe. I hope he does his teeth chomp…lol


Please let this one be as good if not better than the first one. With some Goose flashbacks

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I read somewhere that they pitched the Air Force the original movie and they passed on it. The Navy accepted to do it. That movie helped the Navy meet a 10 year goal for recruiting pilots. The Aif Force jumped on Iron Eagles hoping to get the same effect. Nope.

Rumor has it that the P51 in the trailer is Tom Cruises and it’s him flying. Also that it is Tom Cruise in the seat when they launch off the carrier. He is in the back seat of a 2 seat F 18.

Looks like they will have Great Balls of fire.

Some beach/sand game.

A death

And great aerial shots.

A few years ago I read a treatment for the sequel that got rejected though I would have liked it. In it Cruise is now an instructor at Top Gun. In the role of Viper. A new hot shot pilot with a chip on his shoulder arrives. It is Gooses kid who is a pilot. He still blames Maverick for his fathers death.

If I recall this one has Penny Benjamin (the one he went ballistic with) back and it might be her daughter that is a pilot. Could be the girl who turns around in the trailer.

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And of course the girl will be his daughter.

I just hope they don’t SJW and “woke” this mess up like Hollywood has been doing lately. For humps sake.


I read up a bit more. It does seem Gooses’ kid will be in it. He is the one playing the piano. But I think they dropped the holds Maverick responsible for his dads death.

Saw a piece in the news on Kilmer. He looks pretty ill. Had a Tracheostomy. Face is enlarged looks like Cortisone treatment. That is an amateur opinion not trying to make a prognosis.

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