Top Rated UH BB Recruits

Interesting to note their ranking on a list of Top Rated UH recruits that some of next year’s players hold:

#3 - Tramon Mark - Fr
#5 - Nate Hinton - Jr
#6 - Jamal Shead - Fr
#8 - J’Wan Roberts - Fr
#11 - Kiyron Powell - Fr

#14 - Caleb Mills - So
#19 - Marcus Sasser - So
#21 - Fabian White - Sr.
#32 - Cedric Alley Jr. - Jr

So if the 4 freshmen on next year’s team are indeed better than our 2 freshmen this year (ie: Caleb Mills & Marcus Sasser) then Whoa Nellie! Look out!

[PS - Quentin Grimes would be #1 on this list if he had committed to UH out of HS]

Those ratings are by who and what are their parameters?


Looks like from 24/7 Sports. I think we only have three freshman recruits coming in next year. Should be some excellent competition which will only make the team better.

I’m confused.

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Have you been drinking? Please explain what the heck is going on here.

I’m so sorry I think I get it. You are talking about in UH modern day BB recruiting history.

24/7 recruited list.

My bad.

Is this based on the national ranking of each player or the ranking within their respective state? If so, then it would indicate UH would rank #1 or #2 in the country with only our freshman class; otherwise, how could any team recruit 4 players within the Top 11 without being ranked #1 or #2 in the country?

What am I missing?

This is an all-time national rating ranking for UH only HS commits in the modern era. So, by way of example, while Quentin Grimes would have ranked #1 on the UH list, he ranked #10 on the Kansas list.

This is because while Quentin ranked as the #10 player in his HS class, Kansas has had nine other players that ranked higher than him - two #1s, a #3, a #4, two #5s, a #6, a #7 and a #8. Blue blood recruiting is at a whole other level.

UH Commits’ HS National Rankings

Danuel House - #26
Danrad Knowles - #67
***Tramon Mark - #73
Lanny Smith - #82
***Nate Hinton - #105

Joseph Young - #107
TaShawn Thomas - #108
***Jamal Shead - #130
***J’Wan Roberts - #147
***Kiyron Powell - #163

So 5 of our top 10 (modern era) HS commits will be on next year’s team. (not counting Quentin Grimes)


Not only 5 of top 10, but Coach will get more out of them than previous coaches!

Are these the final individual rankings for the incoming class? Or can they move up (hopefully not fall).

Without anymore games I don’t see the rankings changing much. Tramon and Powell had a chance to make a jump but I think it’s pretty much done.


The 30 for 30 on how James Dickey recruited House, Chicken, Young, and Thomas to play in an empty, outdated tomb will be amazing.


If those guys had stayed and played for Sampson we would have gone dancing the first year


Yes, I think that guy left and went to be an assistant under Larry ( what rules ) Brown.

Rest is history !!

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Chicken stayed but under achieved. His heart wasn’t in it really.

Loved Chicken but figured he was a tad overrated when I saw a 6-3 center from Brazosport push him around in a tourney.not really sure why he was rated so high

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To be fair he weighed 115 pounds soaking wet. I’m not a big dude and i remember shaking hands with him his soph year (his first year playing) and thought i might take his arm off.

Chicken never quit on us. Danrad holds a special place in my heart for that.

And while we’re on the subject even when joe young was on the team i was always pissed at him. He’d hit a 3 from 30 ft and then give up back to back layups or something like that all the time. He would NOT play D. So annoying. Thomas was the best all-around player from that time.

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The not playing defense probably doomed young and knowles. I don’t know, but I bet that Dickey let them do whatever they wanted to. Sampson came in and probably had them run sprints and they bailed for OU, ATM and Oregon.

If Joe had still been here for sure, though he left the season before Sampson got here. If House and Thomas had stuck around with one offseason for Sampson to instill his culture I think we probably would have been a solid NIT team rather than a tourney team.

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