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24-6 (plus one non major win)
12th in winning percentage
128th in opponents winning percentage
76th in opponents SOS
18th in road winning percentage
39th in normal RPI rating
30th in road RPI rating
22-12 (plus one)

That year we got swept by UT in the regular season, tied them for the conference regular season championship, then went on to beat them in the conference championship game by a dominating 91-72. Texas was given an 8 seed, we were given a 10th seed. I clearly remember when the committee was asked how Houston got ranked behind UT after winning the conference tourney, they said they had seeded Houston and UT before the championship game, the championship game results did not matter.

Oh for those that say winning cures attendance woes, here is a few numbers for you.

1990 25-8, NCAA appearance, 9 home games under 4k attendance.
1991 18-11, NIT appearance, 8 home games under 4k.
1992 25-6, NCAA appearance, 4 home games under 4k.
1993 21-9, NIT appearance, 6 home games under 4k.

In 1993, with only 4757 showing up for our final home game against TCU and the NCAA passing up Houston with a 52 RPI, Foster was gone and the Alvin Brooks era began.

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You must be fun at parties.


I think the other basketball choice in town at that time may have had a negative impact on UH turnout.

I was either watching the Rockets on TV or listening on the radio in those days. Went to about 1 game a year.

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We need to build a basketball tradition. That means consistent winning over decades. For those of you who think we have a basketball tradition. You are completely wrong. To establish that you need consistent winning. A couple of NCAA appearances every 10 years will not cut it. When that happens folks will come watch.

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The man tells the truth.

And it hurts.


Quality of the product. Rockets were awesome in early 90’s. Coogs were good but at the time I couldn’t justify spending more time getting to and from the game than it took to play the game itself. I’m ashamed to admit it but I’m a fair-weather basketball fan.

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From 65 to 85 we were top 25 in wins, NCAA tourney appearances, tourney wins, final four appearances and future NBA players. Next you will say DePaul never established consistent winning.


wasn’t Don Chaney the coach…being swept in first rounds was brutal…


Yes, He was coach of the Houston Rockets. Won Coach of the Year, then Fired the following year with ushered the Rudy T. Era…in 1992-1993.

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According to the pundits back in 1993, the reason we were snubbed from the tournament was because of our lack of wins when we made the NCAAs. Foster kept getting us there but he never won a tournament game. It was time for him to go, too bad we made the wrong hire…

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@CougarRed posted awhile back that Rudy Davalos was asked which seed we wanted and he pushed to stay in the 10th seed as he felt it was an easier path than moving to 8th and having a possible 2nd round matchup with Duke. Davalos was correct as after beating us, Georgia Tech went on to beat USC to make it to the Sweet 16 (They then lost to Memphis who lost to Cincinnati who lost to Michigan in the Final 4). Duke went on to win the whole thing and destroyed Michigan in the Final.

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Isn’t it amazing how the committee has an endless Rolodex supply of REASONS for their decisions !!

You think it was bad back then, it is worse now !!

They will do anything to get more P5 teams in the tournament so that the $$$$ and thus power stay in
one place !!

It is why I think if a team is not “at least” 0.500 in their own conference,


Relative to the prior years, that wasnt winning at the same level

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If the Coogs have to be ranked top 25 and be on the way to back to back to back final fours to average over 6k, it’s a fan problem, not a school problem.


I agree. Seeing teams with sub.500 records in conference play… what a joke


So if we go 7-5 the next 5 years in football, making a bowl every year, do you think we will have an attendance problem? Do you think CMA keeps his job? After all, that’s winning football


Fans want championships or at least championship contenders. 7-5 or .583 winning percent year in and year out isn’t going to win championships or even contend in most cases. It’s OK to AVERAGE .583 over the course of one’s coaching career, but you have to have enough championships or contenders along the way to make the average/bad years tolerable.

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I have a hard time getting worked up about attendance trends from 25 years ago. I was a little kid when Foster was here but it seems that UH fans never really bought into him. It’s tough to replace a legend.

I believe that attendance will be a lot better if we can continue to compete for NCAA at large bids and with the new facility. We won’t be packing the house every night (few do) unless we are winning at the highest level but things will improve.

(Jimmy Morris) #20

We already have an attendance problem but it’s gotten better by spending over $100 million on facilities and among the highest coaching salaries in G5, 500% increase in student attendance and a lot of winning big games to get there. Did you really just equate going 7-5 and playing in a low tier bowl game with going NCAA/NIT/NCAA/NIT in basketball?