Tracking Covid at UH

Nice job by The Cougar on campus updates.

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This type of reporting UH is doing their societal duty with COVID reporting and does not need to release by sport per Duarte’s and ESPN’s request. Keep doing it this way and they’ll win the State AG ruling.

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Lol - alright to inform the public about non athletes lol but a court order needed for athletes

That report includes the UH community including athletes.



And that is all they need to do. They are protecting the identity of the students and the student athletes this way as they should. As the UH general counsel explained with his description to the States AG’s office, by reporting by sport, the identity of the student athlete can be determined.

Why does the university need to report by sport except to feed the sports animal at ESPN and the much smaller one at the Chronicle. There is no value to socitety by that additional breakout that can lead to the athlete being identified by doing a bit more work to figure it out. Although ESPN and The Chroncle claim they will protect the athletes identity if they determine it, would you trust them to do it if you were the university or the athlete? Hell no!

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Why does Duarte need to know which sports the athletes play that test positive?

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Because he’s the sports reporter. 10 Students from UH Community doesn’t say much for him to write about. But if 8 of those are athletes with 6 of them being football players then it directly impacts the reporting he puts out. Come now… let’s not ask questions with obvious answers. The school releases statements and updates about players breaking their feet, tearing their ACLs, having a cold etc. and how they have to sit out X amount of games/practices but all of a sudden COVID is off limits? We’re being glaringly inconsistent.

Tech reported yesterday that 20 football players tested positive for COVID. Is Tech breaking FERPA/HIPPA? No, they’re not. UH is being low rent for taking this stance, imo. An administration that’s confident in their policies and procedures is open, transparent and provides receipts. We’re doing none of those things. We’re doing this in order to eschew liability through legal obfuscation.


Lol. Okay. It’s hilarious what some information people think they are entitled to receive.

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Umm… It’s not about entitlement. If your position is that the Uni can choose to release information however they see fit with no regard to past precedent. Then fine. I agree that they can but that doesn’t make them immune to legitimate criticism. But the point is that that’s not even their own position! They are hiding behind FERPA/HIPAA by citing student privacy rights. Which would mean that General Counsel and Legal Affairs offices at universities around the country are giving bad legal advice to their respective athletic departments. But we know that’s not the case and the purported excuse doesn’t hold water. And that only makes the school look even worse.

If you’re going to BS and lie. Then do it better with something that can’t be dismissed at face value. This is as flagrantly amateur as trying to pass off Monopoly money as legal tender.


I’m pro UH, but you can’t let personal bias cloud your judgement. Nothing to be gained by taking this
legal stalling approach. The inconsistency is glaringly bright in terms of past medical reporting. Pettiness on display.

The press, as mentioned in our 1st Amendment rights, should ask tough questions if they are doing their job. Nothing to “fear” about that.

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The school said Tuesday that there were 24 active positive cases within the athletic program, including 21 involved with the football team.

Texas Tech’s athletic program has had 64 positive cases overall from 1,382 tests completed among student-athletes and coaches and staff in multiple sports.

Tech has a reputation for socially transmitted diseases.

We’re doing a bit better than Alabama. They’ve had 1,043 positive cases since starting classes on August 19. 158 cases from the start of the pandemic until August 18, and 1,043 since.

Damn. They’re doing too much testing.

Edited to note that these number cover all three schools in the University of Alabama system. 157 positives at UAB, 10 at UAH, and 1,034 at UAT.

Hate to be a pessimist, but feel we will see some overall campus increase. Let’s not get to cocky…we are talking college kids. And I say this with vague memories of those years.

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