Travel to Wichita


Anyone else traveling to the game?

I’ve decided to drive and I put in for tickets through the school. I purchased one ticket for the early session… cheapest ticket came in at 180 before extra charges, they jumped around 60 in a few hours and had to jump on it.

Anyways, I’m now looking for hotels and I’m wondering if the UH Alumni association will have a deal on our team hotel that they’ll announce tomorrow or do we just have good rates from the hotels you find here?

(Evan Wilson) #2

Shocker fan here. Congratulations on a great year!. Travel in Wichita is super easy. You can get to the arena from any hotel in the area in no more than 20 minutes. All the best.


Thanks! Got a place in East Wichita, looks like an easy 10-15 minute drive to the arena.

(Evan Wilson) #4

Here are a couple of restaurants to consider:
Three (more upscale) and even walkable:
Café Bel Ami
Sierra Tuscan Steakhouse
Larkspur Bistro and Bar
Two More Casual:
Ziggys Pizza
Wichita Brewing Company

I also have four lower bowl tickets available. Section 120 Row R , Seats 9,10, 11, 12 $580 each.

Have Fun!

(Brian C) #5

I’m already in Wichita for spring break. I hit up B&C BBQ for lunch today – all you can eat and worth going to.

Head to all things BBQ afterwards as it’s one awesome store for all the cooks out there.