Tulane is PASTING Tulsa right now


Tulane is crushing Tulsa 48 - 7 in the FIRST HALF right now!

Talk amongst yourselves…


Tulsa is about to be 1-5. Remember after the Tech game when we were all apoplectic because their offense was going to wipe the floor with us?

(Charles) #3

Are you guys watching this game? On what channel or on line?

(Dan) #4

Espn3 stealth.


Tulsa may be struggling this year, but Fritz is a heck of a coach. He’s shown he can win everywhere he’s been so far.


They’ve scored the same amount of offensive 2nd half points this game as we’ve scored all games combined


Hey guys! I think we might be able to run the ball on Tulsa this year.

(Jimmy Morris) #8

A little confused here. Most of us were completely happy with how our defense performed against Tech.


I mean…probably, yes, but also spread option offenses are a little deceptive on the stat sheet. Tulane running on Tulsa doesn’t necessarily mean UH can run on Tulsa.


Tulane rushed for 237 yards vs OU. That’s more than anyone else this season including 70 more yards than 2nd most Ohio State


I doubt we’ll run the ball 70 times either, but a defense shouldn’t give up 488 on the ground in any game ever. Period.