Tulane just got robbed of being bowl eligible

(Russel ) #1

Their qb was clearly over the pie line and not down being on top of the defender the whole time isn’t he final seconds of the game. They reviewed it and said the call stands. Sometimes I don’t even get the point too having instant replay.


Yeah they did the ball was over the line and he was on top of the SMU player. How you blow that on replay is beyond me. They need to do away with replay if they can’t get one that obvious right.

(Russel ) #3

Absolutely! Hopefully our conference comes down on hard on that officiating crew. Their has to some kind of consequence for sucking at your job.


I question if they even looked at it. The guys calling the game both said how they can call that anything but a TD is unknown. If anything they’ll get an apology for ending their season which is lame. One of the worst calls I’ve ever seen. I’d rather them do away with replay all together than to see them make bad calls after reviewing it.

(Patrick) #5

This is a TD:

(gpropes) #6

That crew and the replay official need a nice long extended vacation. That was the worst screw job I’ve seen in a long long time. If that had happened to an SEC team, we would see that replay until the end of time.

(Patrick) #7

Considering it will cost the conference bowl revenue, they need to come down on them.

(PortlandCoog) #8

Pylon :slight_smile:

(PortlandCoog) #9

That’s horrid horrid horrid. They just screwed Tulane out of something they richly deserve.

(Charles) #10

$ S $ M $ U $


Even my wife got it right…and explained why it was a TD. WTF is wrong with officiating in general these days?

(Jimmy Morris) #12

If you pause it at 23 seconds and go full screen on the video, you see his left elbow touch down at the half yard line. The excuse will be that you can’t tell where the ball is when that elbow touches so the call “stands” instead of the call being “confirmed.” Obviously, with the ball being in his right hand, it would be impossible for the ball to be between the left elbow and the goal line. I doubt our fearless commissioner has anything controversial to say about the replay official.


Nope. For me, it will forever be a pie line. Love it.

(Russel ) #14

Lol thanks for the correction! I don’t know why I always thought it was pie line!


Well by screwing Tulane the American lost having an 8th team in bowls which would’ve helped the commish push his P6 narrative. Any explanation they give on this other than we have incompetent officials is a joke.

(Gary Taylor) #16

One of the worst replay calls I’ve ever seen -no excuse for the call on the field not being overturned. Replay official should never again be allowed to be in the booth-his job was to correct mistakes and he failed.miserably. Commishioner should overturn the call since it only affects the outcome of the game and there is no more game to play. Apoligies are unacceptable…


The replay official should be banned, but who is he? How can you keep him out if you don’t know who he is?

(Pablo) #18

(Patrick) #19

Just tough to tell from the new angle, but definitely adds a bit more uncertainty to the equation.

(Jimmy Morris) #20

The rule clearly states that to overturn the call, there has to be clear evidence that the ball crossed the goal line before he was down. Seeing as there was no angle that clearly shows that, because you can’t see the ball when he was down and can’t see the ball cross the line before he was down, the ref did his job.

The NCAA has two choices to improve upon the replay.

  1. Allow for an additional challenge by a team once a year, after a replay is inconclusive, for a judgment call to be made by an official approved before the game by both schools.

  2. Add censors to both ends of every ball and the front of each pylon to allow computers to graphically show the exact position of the ball in relative position to the goal line at any given point of a play so officials only have to determine the point in which a player is down.