Tulane/Navy Gametimes 2017

(Dustin K) #1

Will they set the time for those games this week or not until next week?

(Cary) #2

no this is our bye week times.

(gpropes) #3

Remember they generally set game times 12 days out. So the Tulane game would be announced on Monday, November 6.

Because Navy is on Black Friday, they may use a 6 day hold, and not announce that game time until the Sunday after the Tulane game.

(Cary) #4

Precedent says that the Fri game against Navy will be an early morning kickoff. It has been the last two years.

(Eric Prado) #5

I wish it was an evening game. The two teams deserve it.

It’s becoming a classic in my opinion. I look forward to it.

(Patrick) #6

One interesting development this year is that the Big 12 games (Tech vs. Horn, Baylor vs TCU), B1G game (Nebraska vs Iowa) and the Pac 12 game (Cal vs. UCLA) are on FOX which frees up some space on ESPN.

Last year, ESPN/ABC had 8 games on TV for Black Friday:

  • ABC 11 & 2:30
  • ESPN 11, 5, & 8:30
  • ESPN2 4 & 7:30
  • ESPNNews 3:30

These are the games ESPN has to choose from this year:

  • Miami at Pitt
  • Virginia Tech at Virginia
  • USF at UCF
  • Navy at Houston
  • Northern Illinois at C. Michigan
  • Ohio at Buffalo
  • W. Michigan at Toledo
  • Texas State at Troy
  • W. Kentucky at FIU

More than likely, we’ll be in one of the ABC/ESPN slots, but they won’t put us up against UCF/USF. My guess is that Miami/Pitt gets one of the 11 AM slots (probably on ESPN) and one of the AAC games gets the other AAC slot (probably on ABC). They’ll then put Virginia/Virginia Tech on ESPN in primetime and the other AAC game gets the 2nd ESPN/ABC slot at around 2:30-3:00.


That Baylor TCU game should be a real nail-biter.


Since there isn’t a “real primetime” slot since ESPN is 8:30, I would say the best slot is ABC at 2:30 and USF-UCF would get that. I agree we probably share 11am with Miami-Pitt. I would think with Navy, we do get that ABC slot since there is no way to make it regional ABC/ESPN. I would guess the VA Tech-VA game at 8:30 ESPN, probably W Michigan-Toldeo on ESPN2 at 7:30 since viewers are familiar with WMU and that could be for the division. The other games just dont matter

(gpropes) #9

Va Tech-Virginia won’t kick off at 9:30 Eastern - that’ll be the 5 PM ESPN game. Otherwise, I agree with your thoughts.


ABC/ESPN might even reverse mirror the 11 am games


This is how I see the interest in the listed games. Please feel free to disagree but please keep it about the games.

(gpropes) #12

For comparison’s sake, here’s last year’s Black Friday schedule. The windows are a bit different, but you’ll get the idea.

(James Duncan) #13

2015 was so great followed by an equally deflating experience in 2016.
Being in Annapolis in that tropical depression, that was tough.

(shharper01) #14

If USF and UCF are both ranked, that would be a good one. Of course, Navy and UH could be close to rankings as well.