Tulane QB Scramble 3rd & 3......LB not execute(Pics)


Pre snap…UH will blitz LILB #22 Robinson. Left DE #90 Vaughn will slant outside at snap…Robinson is supposed to blitz thru A or B gap on left side(defense left). I know this because DEs sharp slant outside is designed to lure OT outside…create opening for ILB.

Robinson initially heads straight toward A gap…left of Oliver…which is where he is supposed to go. He starts drift to right because he thinks QB leaning that way. There is opening between C and RG…possible sack lane for ILB

QB sees receivers covered, pulls it down and thinks about running to left but sees Thurman(RDE) and Davis and Hines RILB sitting at 40 yard line, which is where he needs get for 1st down…he looks back right and sees gap where Robinson was supposed to be

QB runs thru lane for 1st down. If Robinson had blitzed correct gap he may have had sack as RG was initially drawn outside by our DE slant and not knowing if #43 Godfrey was going to blitz…he didn’t.


Robinson, Godfrey, Egbule, none of those guys played much before this year. Maybe it’s just inexperience combined with a hyper aggressive pursuit mentality? He can join Egbule for grass drills.

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Thank you, this is eye opening. These are things we see but can’t explain it. Thank you for breaking these plays down.

How different is the defense from what Orlando ran?

I know you are saying it execution and not coaching but are coaches supposed to teach them to execute? Are they overthinking or being asked to do so much they end up overthinking.


From what I understand CMD is running Orlando’s scheme. Thats what CMA wanted and it made more sense for CMD to learn Orlando’s scheme…terminology etc …as opposed to all the players learning CMDs terminology. In others words…CTO and CMD might have had same blitz call in playbook…but CMD might call it…“Thunder Switch Bracket” and CTO might call it “Lightning Storm Press”…just made these up. So players didn’t have learn new playbook and calls. Makes sense.

CMD is more conservative than CTO…no question. So…CMD might run same blitz as CTO ran last year but CTO did it with press coverage and CMD uses a softer off coverage.But CMD does mix in some press and does play man coverage.

CTO approach will produce more sacks and tackle for loss. But more big plays. Risk and reward. However CMD defense has 13 ints this year in 10 games. CTO had only 7 in 13 games in 2016.
CMD picks his spots for blitzes…he will give up more underneath throws. But CMA can make him be more aggressive, he’s the HC. but based on his ECU post game comments I believe he realizes defensive backfield limitations and lack of depth. He mentioned that Wilder, Stuard, Rosette and Smalls have been out hurt most of year. Also Kahlil Williams missed ECU with injury and only played 1 series vs Tulane…he played man vs slot receiver and got beat on slant for 1st down…didnt come back in so assume ankle still issue. CMD has had play OLBs #49 Anenih and #43 Godfrey and #8 Egbule in pass coverage. He can’t play them in man on slot…its a mismatch. not having #2 k. Williams at nickel hurts…hes not great in man coverage but gives CMD that option on slot. He’s also a quick blitzed from edge.

In CMDs defense…our CBs are not good. They are bad in man coverage. Its not their fault. #14 Isaiah Johnson is converted WR…had no game experience before this year. #18 Myers was a former walk on. Redshirted last year after transfer from Quachita Baptist.Myers has problem locating ball on deep throws in man coverage. And lets WR get behind him.
#24 Winchester had 10 starts before this season. But he is not very good in man to man.
Wilson leaving early for NFL really hurt. CMA and CMD had to convert a WR and play a former walk-on off a redshirt.
CTO came in in 2015 and had Jackson III(1st Rd pick) and both Wilsons(both NFL now).
Bowser and Malveux also NFL from last year defense.

CMD has played many young players…Peyton Turner, Anenih, Godfrey. The inexperienced CBs already mentioned. #22 Robinson is 3rd ILB…he is former QB. Special teams last year…had to start when #9 Adams got hurt and missed 2 games including Memphis.

Our DL depth was weak due to #52 Gerard Carter missing first 8 games. As result #50 Fleming had to backup Oliver…when hurt…or tired in extreme heat…Texas tech and Tulsa games. He was not good. Carter returned for USF game and Fleming hasn’t seen field since. Carter actually started for #3 Chevis vs Tulane…Carter moved to nose in 3rd qtr vs Tulane to rest Oliver. Chevis played that series only at DE.

I believe they are being coached. Fundamentals for sure. Players make mistakes. SMU gave up 66 points to Memphis this week…think they made some mistakes? Ohio State gave up 55 points to Iowa few weeks ago…their DC is Greg Schiano and HC Urban Myer…think they know how to coach? Next week they gave up 3 vs Mich St. These are 18 to 22 year old kids on national television…easy get caught up in moment…forget assignment…lose focus etc.
Applying practice field lessons to games is not automatic, different speed, no coach in your ear telling you what to watch.

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Very good analysis, but coaches get paid MILLIONS a year to get the players to do the right things on the field. I understand young college football players aren’t robots. NFL players make mistakes. But we’re at the point in the season where the coaches aren’t getting “coached up” enough, IMO.

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It’s interesting that Oliver is being triple teamed when the QB is still behind the line of scrimmage making final decision what to do. Four linemen covering Oliver and guy behind him.


its 3rd and 3…your expecting quick pass…if they pass. We had it covered. If Robinson goes thru A gap to left of Oliver…Center either disengages from Ed to pickup Robinson or Robinson probably gets thru as RG had slided outside and he was expecting rush from #43 Godfrey off edge. i don’t think he would get back in to get Robinson. If Center disengages…Oliver might slip off and get sack. Robinson never had be blocked!!! Because he didn’t do his job. I think Ed realized his situation and was watching QB eyes and would try knock down pass if he threw


I really appreciate the analysis here! That said, can we keep these all in one thread so that they don’t dominate the board?

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What I don’t understand and I am not referring to this play in particular is that you have Oliver who takes up at least two guys and sometimes three and most times you see only a one guy blitz. Why not bring 2 or 3 every now and then. Last year most blitz package involved 2 guys. Heck there were times when it seemed like everyone and their Mom were sent in. If you sent 2 and the line decides to pick up everyone then you have Oliver one on one and 9 times out of 10 against a Tulane he will break through. If they still double up Oliver then one of the other guys makes it back there. It does not matter how many WR are open when you have 1 sec to react and all you can see is a guy running free straight for you ready to take your head off. You do this enough times to a qb and he starts to panic a little and make bad throws especially if he is used to throwing only 15 times a game. And this assumes that our players not named Oliver suck so bad that they cannot ever break free unless they are unblocked and I feel we have more talent on defense then almost all the aac teams.


I read your analysis every week. i enjoy it. I wish more people would comment on it. But reality is most would rather respond to the fire the coach thread. Fans are emotional. I like to watch game again before passing judgement.
I hope my posts provide some insight. I feel i have a pretty good understanding of the game. Obviously there are people here with varying levels of football knowledge. Im sure casual fans to former coaches, players.
But one thing we all have in common when we watch a game either live or on TV is…we follow the ball. Thus we don’t see what happened in between the snap and end of play. Things that influenced the outcome of the play. I re watch game several times…pause…rewind. Tells a lot.
The only reason coaches get millions is because people like us watch the games. Its what the market will bear. They also work 14 to 16 hours a day, 7 days a week during the season and have no life from Aug 1 to Jan 1. UH only has 1 guy getting $1MM.
Coaches certainly make mistakes and can always learn.

As a coach, what control do you have over a players mind or emotions once he’s on game field? You don’t. I’m sure this blitz was practiced. I’m sure it was repeated until done correct. I believe our DC in his 11th year wouldn’t call it if hadn’t practiced it. CMD is up in booth during game. Even if he was on sideline, what could he do after snap?nothing. Robinson didn’t do his job. details matter. Where you blitz matters. Robinson is inexperienced guy and has had play a lot. he’s done some good things but he’s made some mistakes…his 1st start was Memphis for injured Adams. And he hurt UH in pass coverage in that game. For example…not getting jam on slot receiver on last TD vs Memphis. thats huge when playing zone. .
I don’t like the soft coverage myself but I think I understand why he’s playing it primarily. These corners are inexperienced and not good with ball in air. If he presses…They are gonna throw over top at them. ECU did it to Winchester on back to back plays with him playing press to boundary, 2nd for TD with him flailing at ball . At that point, the score was 28-10 i think. I assume he realized that the UH offense was scoring at will and ECU couldnt get back in game unless they hit quick scores. So he gave them yards. ECU scored 48 vs Cincy this week including a 95 yard TD pass. QB started game 11 for 11.
In the end players determine game. Sometimes you have a great call and opposing player ruins it with talent. Sometimes you make a bad call and your player saves your ass.
Ex. in todays game…every OC throws fades inside 10 yard line. DC’s fate is hanging on CB playing man. If CB makes play…DC is good. If WR out jumps him…what the hell was DC doing? Memphis game…if Winchester holds int?
The Memphis DC gets raped weekly, but Memphis offense outscores almost everyone.

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Manster, are you a coach in RL? I love this analysis. It helps me better appreciate the game.

Would you say Fritz out coached MA. How was Fritz’s game plan against UH?

Do you think now that King is on film it is easier to game plan for his tendencies and weaknesses?

It drives me nuts to see what is happening to Oliver. How does he get un triple teamed? Is it just as simple as others doing their job to create opportunities?

I am not seeing enough discipline to inspire confidence against navy and its offense.


CMD has done this. He did vs Tulane on 1st & 10 in 3rd qtr. Rushed 4 and brought safety off edge…so 5 total. They ran for no gain.Drive that we later got Int.

Earlier in same drive…Tulane 3rd and 6 at own 43.
CMD brings 5. He has 3 down lineman and brings Adams from LILB spot and #13 Joell Williams from left slot/edge. All down lineman slant to right.So LDE #90 Vaughn into A gap, Adams blitzes B gap, and j. Williams off edge. Oliver was on nose and slanted into A gap other side center. Thurman is RDE…side away blitz. CMD has him slant outside…im pretty sure to keep contain.By the way Thurman is to boundary side as ball on hash. Blitz is coming from field.
The windup…Williams beats Right OT around edge…Banks feels pressure and scrambles to Thurman side…away from blitz. Thurman initially slanted right and is keeping contain. However, he decides to try an inside spin move…he gets caught inside…and Banks out runs J. Williams to sticks for 1st down. I can post it later. Thurman has to realize this blitz is not designed for him to get a sack…unless he beats Left OT around edge…so keeping contain. the call was good…the blitz worked but one guy didn’t do his job. Banks would have had step up and we had sack.

In Memphis game…dont have in front of me…but i believe I counted 12 times that CMD brought 5 man rush in 2nd half. Rest were 4 and i think rushed 3 only once. Issue was Ferguson escaped about 3 times…and twice turned almost 10 yard loses into completions.
1st half we had 2 sacks and an Int. 2nd half no sacks and dropped int…but we did bring pressure. Ferguson made throws too. But our DBs also misplayed deep balls.
Myers was in man…got beat…never turned…pass interference on goal line.
Another down, CMD is playing Cover 3…showing it too pre snap. Myers has Deep 3rd to short side and Terrell Wiliams has Deep middle 3rd of field.They are lined up probably 15 yards off ball…memphis runs a 1 man Go pattern…he gets behind both of them…Ferguson throws it up…our DBs are spinning like tops. I think Williams then face masked on tackle to add further insult. So CMD had them in best possible position to succeed against that play and both got beat. There wasn’t even another route in area that you could say distracted them.


CTO blitz looks were more like 5-6 guys could be coming but not sure which ones. It created pre-snap stress for OL and QB. While in my armchair QB role it appears that CMD tries to disguise blitz with delays.

I think CTO approach limited reads that our LBs would make while blitzing since they were very downhill.

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Thank you for the quick response coach Applewhite. Just kidding manster :slightly_smiling_face:. I like your analysis it’s very informative I usually rewatch games but only the ones we win. I don’t know how you can watch a loss again even just to watch the schemes I just can’t do it. I do see that we blitz I just feel it’s not often enough and I get it, the players have to own it at some point. I am coming from the thought that maybe the scheme is not effective, maybe it s predictable or to complicated to teach in one year, maybe it just needs to be simplified so players don’t have to think to much about it. I really don’t know but I do know that in orlando’s version the players seemed to react quicker and like gencoog said there was a lot more trickery to who would be blitzing and how many were coming.


can’t disagree. Orlando more aggressive for sure. He’s a great DC.
At the end of the day…You have to cover all eligible receivers. whether with DBs or LBs.
If you gonna play man and have your safeties play man you can let LBs go. for example…If you have 5 DBs on field…they can only send 5 receivers out…so you can send 6…but a short completion and missed tackle could be TD.

I don’t think CMD is asking his LBs to do too much. Based on film…Seems like they drop into zone unless blitzing. So its a run/pass read and go. On every play, a non blitzing LB has a run and pass responsibility. I feel its less complicated than at Miami. I say this because he played 3 and 4 man fronts at Miami and combined 1 gap and 2 gap DL play. At UH its been all 3 man front and primarily 1 gap as far as I can tell. 2 gaping Ed would be retarded. UH DL are firing off ball into gap…1 gap.


Lol. I think CMA has enough to do.

I get the Orlando fans angst. He’s aggressive and good. But he came here in 2015 and had 3 NFL DBs. You can afford to take more chances. I think CMD took more chances earlier in season but as his corners got beat, took less chances. Some things you can’t explain…2016 defense had only 7 ints in 13 games. 2017 has 13 ints in 10 games…and few dropped. Why?
You would think all the CTO pressure would force more. I have a theory…CMD defense frustrates QBs…they get tired of taking short stuff and force some throws…idk.
Sometimes it doesn’t matter what you do. Both defense have been lit up by Riley Ferguson…
Orlando for 48…34 first half. CMD for 35 all in 2nd half.

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3 NFL DBs and 2 NFL LBs.

Orlando’s D got lit up in ‘15 by Memphis as well…34 points and a lucky missed FG by a future NFL kicker. Just had the miracle comeback by Postma to erase the complaints.

Former coach constantly repeated during press conferences in 2015 that we had a “Bend but not break” defense. Same thing we hear these days from these coaches.

Tough to expect 2015 results with this group. Defense was packed with seniors and talent that we just don’t have, especially in the secondary. Mistakes will happen, but this group has done a decent job this year.

I notice that we’re starting to offer JUCO CBs. Last coach did a really poor job recruiting CBs and we’ve only got one committed so far. Myres leaves so we’ll need a couple of the other guys to step up and be serviceable.


ok. no problem

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I certainly don’t want to call out individual student-athletes, but I’ll leave it at this: the LB corps has lost at least at least two games for the Cougars this season – Memphis and Tulane.

You wouldn’t get much debate from me if you want to include Tech and Tulsa.


LB corps has been weak this year. Not one standout as either a rush LB or traditional fill-the-gap middle LB. That’s pretty pathetic considering Oliver is in front of them constantly demanding double or triple teams. Of course, play-calling is passive too often which doesn’t help our team make plays.