Tulane to the SEC?




LSU wouldn’t be too happy about that.

They left the SEC


They were already there and left.


showing my age here… had no idea

edit - im 38

I think a better option for them is to drop sports to Division 2. U of Chicago was a founding member of the Big Ten and left to focus on academics.


Tulane could have been a blueblood or a Vanderbilt. :laughing:

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I know we don’t have a huge football stadium, but could Tulane’s stadium seat an SEC tailgate party?

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Let’s see if we can even beat Tulane this year.


More SEC Championships than the Aggies.


It seems like joining a conference is like getting married. You love the decision you made but you won’t know if it was a good idea until many years later.

Tulane should have stayed married to the SEC.

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I have some oceanfront property in Nevada I’m willing to sell to some of you.


Chicago actually produced the first Heisman Trophy winner (Jay Berwanger).

And Western Reserve University (now Case Western Reserve U.) was a founding member of the MAC.

Today they both play Division III.

College football was largely born in the Ivy League.

Guess what folks?

Times change.

As for Toolame to the SEC………don’t make us all laugh.

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Tulane’s stadium used to be the home of the Sugar Bowl, built in 1926 it had 80,895 seating capacity but had a record crowd of 86,598 on Dec 1, 1973. It was on the Tulane campus and was torn down in 1980.



Maybe Tulane still doesn’t give a ### about the SEC.

They aren’t joining the sec. LSU has the footprint wrapped up and Tulane can’t compete in that league which is why they left.

That stadium hosted a few Super Bowls, including the Steelers first SB victory against the Vikings in 1975. Sadly, the Vikings lost two SB’s at Tulane Stadium: SB IV against the Chiefs (last SB where there was an AFL and NFL champion), and SB IX (Steelers-Vikings).

Also was the home of the Saints before the Super Dome was built.

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