Tulsa budget woes - crazy story

This is nuts. Philip Montgomery (FB), Frank Haith (BB), and the AD all voluntarily took pay cuts to help balance the athletic budget. That’s a new one.



The conference’s decision to add Tulsa can probably be solidified as a mistake. I wonder if the American had known that the rule requiring 12 football teams to hold a championship game would be struck down, if they would have still added Tulsa.


Now that the 12 team rule is gone, “G5” conferences should really consider reducing in size to have the best conference possible and also try to reduce travel costs with a smaller footprint.

The other end of the spectrum would be massive super-conferences with 20+ teams where you would ONLY play your division in football and then the other sports would be some sort of crazy round robin. The advantage there would be strength in numbers and that you could count on at least someone being really good.


If we reduce size, would we need to find another ooc game?

I’ve always thought adding Tulsa and Tulane were mistakes from the start. Panic moves made by a fledgling conference during very uncertain times.

Tiny private schools with less than stellar success over the past 20 years and little local following are not a good idea for any G5 conference (include SMU in that group as well).

Having 10 programs could be doable, plus it probably wouldn’t be too difficult to schedule Tulsa, Tulane, CUSA and Southland foes with favorable 2-1 home/away contracts to fill the void.

My thoughts anyway.



Tulane has a lot of history and is also very good academically. Not a terrible add. Tulsa, well, is tulsa. They have a decent diner near the school, that’s about the only positive i can think of off hand.

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At Michigan State in 2019, TU will get $1.2 million. At Oklahoma State in 2021, TU will get $650,000. At Ohio State in 2021, TU will get $1.1 million. At Ole Miss in 2022, TU will get $1.45 million.

This quote from the article tells you exactly how Tulsa plans on meeting its budget, by playing the blocking dummy role for some big P5 programs. TU is already employing a full blown CUSA, MAC budget plan.

I like the approach UH has taken and will support the AD and Admin to continue that path (AZ, TTU, Rice, Wazzu, UTSA, etc). Play schedules that are Home/Home friendly or 2-1 in UH’s favor. A good combo of P5 programs willing to split a series with UH and regional FBS schools that offer local and regional alumni to attend - works well.

Here’s something that I wonder if it has been discussed higher in the conference: what if the networks come back and say they’ll pay more per school if the American drops schools? For example, if they come back and say we’ll only pay the conference this much, but if you get rid of so-and-so schools, we would still pay you the same or more and you get more to give each school. Would the conference consider this?

Or, what if the conference proposes different packages of schools to the networks (Hey, what would you offer us for these 12 schools…how about if we dropped 2 schools, what about now)? It’s a little sketchy when the conference is supposed to be a united front, but we all know that every school would leave for a P5 conference if given the chance. Why not put forth the best option to make the most money?

Doubt it happens…just food for thought.


Tulane has some history, great academics and a great road trip.

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The Tulane add was the catalyst ending the Big East.


If removed from the AAC, Tulane would more than likely still be a good road trip for UH Football. I don’t see why that would have to stop if the Green Wave were . . waived.

If that were to happen, I would be disappointed if UH didn’t support that offer.

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This perfectly describes what will happen to Conference TV packages. Unless there is a group of equal schools, with all of them bringing something to the table, the conference starts to pull apart. The stronger schools don’t want to underwrite the weaker schools. It is essentially what pulled the SWC apart


Those paydays should cover travel costs and the medical bills.

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Can we do that contractually without paying a big buyout?

This…and/or add a couple of the better Mountain West schools…Boise St, Colorado St. Or pay enough to entice BYU out of independence, which they would happily do if the price was right.

American Conference - coast to coast

Good question. I’d think there would be a provision within the conference’s agreement to vote members out, but I have no idea what it says as far as what concessions would have to be made, if any. I know that most Grant of Rights for the P5 conferences are good only through the length of the TV contract and that schools can leave with no penalty at the end of them…I’d imagine it would be the same in this situation, however, there would probably be some concessions given in order to avoid lawsuits.

I’ll try and see if I can dig up anything.

I’ve always been partial to a merging of the MWC and AAC for football only where each conference becomes a division of 10 schools each, play 9 games in conference, 1 against the other division, and 2 non-conference. Winners play in a championship game. Would require both conferences to each boot at least 2 members (and one to boot 3 if BYU is added).

I’d think a conference like that would be able to land a NY6 bowl tie-in and a bigger TV contract. Of course, the sheer number of schools make it a bit unwieldy and what do you do for the other sports?

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If these TV deals are truly all about ‘market value’, I think a scenario as you’ve described would tilt that market value closer to P5 than the AAC (the closest of the G5 to P5 on those terms). Approaching Pac12 at least and with time, I think the value would grow. Would make for a compelling conference for sure.

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