Tulsa leading UCF

With 5 minutes left in the game!!

Tulsa is bouncing around full of energy and UCF looks like they are sleep walking.

Kicker missed another FG before making the last one to go ahead. Missed 3 against SMU to win and 3 against Memphis to tie or win.

Road games can be tough.

Tulsa may actually win. And they have a verbal from a kicker from Little Elm.

Tulsa is going to beat ucf…

Fourth and a foot with 1 minute left for Tulsa! Go for it???
Didn’t make it and UCF got penalty for the GAME! Tulsa wins!!!
Can you believe it!

Boy, what a dumb series of plays by UCF on offense and then defense. Good for Tulsa.

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I remember when I was told that I should calm down predicting that we would be road dogs @ Tulsa. We won’t be favored in another game this season.


That was a fun one.
Tulsa finally got some luck and home cookin on a few calls did not hurt.

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I was watching the guy trying to run off as ball was snapped and knew it was the end for UCF. That was inexcusable.

Beats, me. I don’t gamble. But regardless of what Vegas thinks, it will be a tough game to win.

In this conference it’s hard to tell if we’re better, or worse, than I think week to week.

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Yikes, so we’re bringing up the rear in the West now

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Read the “AAC and other College Football Games: Nov 7-9” post for further and more accurate analysis.

Wonderful, Tulsa is good now. Everyone peaks right when it’s time to play us


That will solidly save Montgomery his job. Also, it is well documented that Tulsa has serious financial problems, so they can’t get rid of him.

I don’t think UH will win another game. 3-9


Would be fun to see what you X&O boys thought of Tulsa’s defense. They should have beat SMU (missed 3 FG for a win). Lost to Memphis missing 3 FG to win or tie. Some unusual stunts and blitzes.

It sure would be fun to watch this team grow some balls.