Tulsa vs USF

(PMM) #61

Kinda like UH against Memphis last year !!!

(Jimmy Morris) #62

I think they underestimated how much tailgating near the stadium added to the game day atmosphere. Now for the casual fans, the game has to stand on it’s own merits. If everything is not perfect (day, time, weather, opponent, our record), attendance suffers.

(PMM) #63

What always blows me away with these coaches…I am pretty sure that Tulsa is not in the running for the college playoffs this year, also, not in the running for the AAC championship…not even the West division…

…so why not play to WIN THE FRICKING GAME !!!

…and not to make the other team use their TO’s without at least trying for a first down and seal the game.

The HC clearly showed his players that he has no balls !!!

(CoogNation_14) #64

Cue the “You play to win the game” :joy::joy: haha

(PMM) #65

Exactly !!!

Especially when absolutely NOTHING is “on the line” !!

(Sam) #66

Not impressed either. I’m not sure the best teams in the East aren’t UCF, Cincinnati, and Temple. I assumed USF would be down some this year after losing Flowers, not dissimilar to UH in ‘17. And most AAC teams have puny SOS rankings. Navy is #90, Cincinnati #98, USF #106, UCF #109, Memphis #118, ECU #120. UH is #68, and the other West teams—Tulsa #62, Tulane #59, and SMU #58—are in that same ball park.

If anyone retains hope of winning the AAC and then getting the Fiesta, the biggest threat to that outside of maybe UCF is probably San Diego State, which as of today has the 41st toughest schedule. The Aztecs lost at Stanford the first week of the season and later beat #23 Arizona State and Boise on the blue turf.


Utah is their pro team. What else ya gonna do but go to the Utah or BYU game? Drink lemon extract?

(Dave) #68

The Aztecs are currently beating AF 14 - 9 in a weather delay on CBS Sports

With BoiseSt’s 3 - 2 record NO ONE is noticing the MWC any longer not even SDSt or UtahSt or Hawaii or FresnoSt with their one loss each …

BTW Utah is doing a UH imitation on Az … and it’s not even 125 degrees … just 60 … Sumlin appears to be doing a Frost Imitation … he looks totally bewildered on the sidelines

(Jerrycoog) #69

People are finally seeing what a fraud Sumlin really is as a coach. He hasn’t done shit without Kliff or Dana.

(Sam) #70

The AAC may be a little better, but if AAC and MWC champions have identical records, on what can the CFP Committee base their selection other than SOS? And right now SDSU, Utah State, and Boise all have better ones than any AAC team. UH and the East Division teams should move up some over the second half of the season, but SDSU plays Utah State, possibly Boise again, and also #63 Fresno, #79 Air Force (tonight), and #81 Nevada. AAC fans should be rooting against SDSU.

(Sam) #71

More like without Case or Manziel. Remember he had a losing record here in 2010, and he averaged five losses per season at Aggy after Manziel, despite pretty consistently signing top 10-15 classes.

(Jerrycoog) #72

I was being generous because I don’t think the Arizona QB is bad, but they are not using him right at all.

(G.W.) #73

Sumlin takes Khalil Tate, who rushed for 1400 yards and tries to make him a pocket passer…great coaching.

(Dave) #74

AF has gone ahead of SDSU 17 - 14 9 minutes left… AND … its starting to rain again (which is a rarity in that neck of the woods) so this game may go on into the wee hours of the AM if it starts lightning again …


A lot of wives to take care of :grinning:

(Ben B) #76

Or Manziel and Case. He needs the right OC and QBs.


I think it has more to do with Tate not wanting to be a runner. I still believe he somewhat faked the injury against us so he wouldn’t get any called runs. He looked fine in the 4th quarter when he scrambled a few times, not even a limp after.

(Al) #78

Good stuff, Sam. The only thing I would add is that if it’s between UH and SDS, Ed Oliver might be singularly attractive enough to give us the edge – especially if he’s at least invited to the Heisman presentation.