Tune has wheels


I am hoping with another yr his decision make speeds up. He has the tools to be very successful. Coogs undefeated in 21!


Please don’t start another thread on Tune!

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If we can give the guy some decent O-line protection, Tune will do well.


This one is quite positive!

But yes his decision making needs to be much better.

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You knew it was about Tune when you opened it. You had the option to pass on it; but I welcome a thread about him and just about anything UH and not UT.


Hoping for a breakout year from Mr. Tune


There we go again!

Just keep it about the video and what the video is trying to portray.

If I wanted to really stir the pot, I would have put the title UH gave the video… “QB1 wheels”. Anyone who was hoping for a competition… ain’t gonna happen. He is QB1.

Tune needs to take that next step, and it isn’t a big one. Throw the ball away under duress. Don’t force it. Done.


my favorite Tune play last year was when he took the ball and made a fierce , not to be denied run into the end zone late, to tie the game at 27 against Memphis. THAT is the Tune we need all year next year…THAT Tune can win a lot of games for us. .Fingers crossed…

Tune could be the real deal.

Hope he is!

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Fun With The Original Big Wheel! - Bing video

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We always knew he could run. He struggled some this past year on when to pull the trigger. Dana and staff worked with him on that after the UCF game. If they don’t spy him he’ll have a green light. He isn’t DK, but he certainly can run with the ball.


I want nothing more but for tune to run more. Positive plays was our biggest problem last year. We did good in 3rd and short situations. Even if it’s 3-4 yards I’d rather Tune step up and take that, rather than throwing it to the other team. He’s is a good runner. Hopefully we do more read-options

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This has been his problem. I wish he would throw the ball away or take the sack. His decision making needs to be improved.

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Just my two cents, but the offense needs to be tweaked to score more points. Tune can still make improvements for sure. Regardless, running the same scheme with the same OC doesn’t give me a lot of hope for our offense next year. The main problem being that we don’t get the ball out of the QB’s hands fast enough to let the skilled players make plays. That was the key to success with past offenses while employing a no-huddle to prevent the defenses from changing personnel. Hell, even Tom Herman employed this type of attack by getting the ball out to the flat so the WR could make the big play. He would slow it down to run clean do but also knew when to go up-tempo. This offense doesn’t resemble anything like that. Going deep 30 to 40 yards on 2nd and 3rd and short isn’t gonna cut it regardless of who is under center.

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What do the other 10 guys do? Watch?

The “seashells and balloons” crowd will rush to inform you negativity is frowned upon, UH has invested a significant amount in Mr. Holgerson, and YOU don’t pay it.

They don’t throw the ball… Typically.

I kept wondering when we would hurry-up last year and start hitting quick routes… But it never happened. Idk if the OC, Dana or Tune is to blame… But it was hard to watch.


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