Tune to begin spring as #2 qb


I honestly don’t know if too much is to be made of this right now. When practices start, you have to start with presumptions on 1st unit, 2nd unit, etc. I would have presumed Smith would be considered the #2, but obviously that is not the case. But they have to slot someone there to start with. Surely this doesn’t mean the rotation is set in stone.


Open practices only for former players, parents, and HS coaches.

(Cristian) #12

I was under the impression Bryson was locked at #2 and everyone else was going to redshirt. I mean Bryson if you guys dont remember kept our 2017 class together. He was very solid and big on us he showed a tremendous amount of loyalty to OUR UNI not our old coach. This if true sucks.

(jimmyschofield) #13

It’s not about how you start, but how you finish.


Given the passing offense, it is no surprise he likes pocket passers.

(Butch) #15

Maybe so, but there is no way, at least in my way of thinking, that you publically crown a kid with the second string quarterback this early…talk about some team morale problems. I think CMA wants the best quarterbacks, so why in the world would a pure rookie go into camp jacked up on the depth chart. I hope nothing is wrong with Smith health wise,or maybe he feels like his best chance at reaching the next level is playing somewhere else on the field…
I agree we are probably making too much of this and should let it all play out. But I still don’t believe this staff would bring in any rookie and deem him No.2 at any position unless there absolutely was no depth…

(Chris) #16

Seriously, we just got a new OC. As far as I am concerned EVERYONE has to win its spot on the Team. That includes King and all of the so called starters. Competition invites competition that is the only to get better, That’s how every Team gets better. Football is not a picnic. Nothing should be given before it is earned. Every new season is a new start. Unfortunately our society is now giving medals for just participating. This has got to stop. Interestingly enough and unfortunately enough you have professional and high caliber amateur athletes demanding that they start. As soon as this is the case the so called athlete should be demoted to the back of the line.
Sports is an example of life. Nothing is given to you and it surely should not be the case for our sports athletes.

(Mike Higdon) #17

No QB in our camp has taken a snap in a real game other than King who is the #1 QB. I assume he will keep that position; but nothing is guaranteed – just ask Jalen Hurts. The best guy for the spot should be starting whether it is King, Tune, Smith, or whomever. When a kid is being recruited, he is told he will have a chance to earn the starting position and that is what will happen. A coach just has to make the best decision for the team and let the chips fall where they may.


CMA says in the video that we have to find a #2 QB option. Either he is omitting something or Duarte is spreading misinformation.

(Patrick) #19

Reading the Chronicle’s quote again, it may not mean Tune is the backup, just means that he’s getting reps as the #2. Could also mean that others are getting reps there as well.

Based off what CMA is saying, I’m guessing everyone not named D’Eriq King is getting reps at #2. Poor reporting by the Chronicle is my guess.


For a publication that still employs Jermone Solomon, this is not surprising. Although, I do expect better out of JD.




It’s not misinformation. It’s just poorly worded.


How should it be reworded? “I, JD expect Clayton Tune to begin the Spring getting reps as the No. 2 QB”? No, he messed up.

(Charles) #24

Chill folks…minor stuff.

(Patrick) #25

I’ll give JD a pass since it was in a slideshow. Those things are terrible and he probably doesn’t think too long when writing them. Could have left off a line or omitted names.


The worst thing about the slideshow format is I have yet to come across someone who thinks that’s a good format. Yet, the Chron is sticking with it. It really does seem like they couldn’t care less what their dwindling audience actually thinks.

(jimmyschofield) #27

Once I see it’s a slideshow I don’t view. As well with any type of video. Is there anybody left in this country that actually just likes to you know…READ?!

(Ben B) #28

Everyone wants real articles.

(jimmyschofield) #29

What I really “love” is what I refer to as a Twitter article…140 words or less. I click and it’s a paragraph? Really? I understand these sites only care about page clicks, but c’mon man! Ok this thread is really getting off course. lol