Tune to begin spring as #2 qb




It’s not misinformation. It’s just poorly worded.


How should it be reworded? “I, JD expect Clayton Tune to begin the Spring getting reps as the No. 2 QB”? No, he messed up.

(Charles) #24

Chill folks…minor stuff.

(Patrick) #25

I’ll give JD a pass since it was in a slideshow. Those things are terrible and he probably doesn’t think too long when writing them. Could have left off a line or omitted names.


The worst thing about the slideshow format is I have yet to come across someone who thinks that’s a good format. Yet, the Chron is sticking with it. It really does seem like they couldn’t care less what their dwindling audience actually thinks.

(jimmyschofield) #27

Once I see it’s a slideshow I don’t view. As well with any type of video. Is there anybody left in this country that actually just likes to you know…READ?!

(Ben B) #28

Everyone wants real articles.

(jimmyschofield) #29

What I really “love” is what I refer to as a Twitter article…140 words or less. I click and it’s a paragraph? Really? I understand these sites only care about page clicks, but c’mon man! Ok this thread is really getting off course. lol