TV for OK State game?

(Russel ) #1

Has it been listed anywhere or will it take a couple more days to find out?

(Mark Ross) #2

Fox Sports is carrying in certain markets as I understand. I live in Arizona and was thrilled to see Fox Sports Arizona is carrying the game Saturday afternoon.

(Russel ) #3

Ahh great! It should be regionally televised here then I think.

(Jimmy Morris) #4

Looks like most of the networks are booked up across our timeline. Will probably need to be an OSU or UH telecast.

(KG) #5

Fox Sports Oklahoma

(Russel ) #6



I’m seeing Fox Sports Southwest on YouTube TV.

(Russel ) #8

I think their one in the same,

(Jimmy Morris) #9

My free Youtube TV trial ends on the 7th. haha

(David) #10

Me too and (shameless plug) the beauty of YouTubeTV is that I flag UH as a favorite team and it automatically records all broadcasts for me

(Jimmy Morris) #11

related but not the exact same

“Sister channel: Fox Sports Southwest”

(Russel ) #12

How far weve come from years ago! I remember the days when I was excited to see us on CSTV for football and basketball! Lol

(Jimmy Morris) #13

I remember being happy if I got to see a game on PBS.

(Russel ) #14

Damn cant beat that! lol


By far my favorite feature. That, and unlimited cloud storage for DVR.


Time to upgrade, my friend. YouTube TV is where it’s at for me. I can’t bring myself to pay for cable/satellite and hundreds of stations I’ll never watch. YTTV has all the sports channels I watch, all local broadcasts and all the basic cable stations that air shows I watch. If it had AT&T Sports SW so I could watch Astros and Rockets games, it would be absolutely perfect.

(Kyle) #17

So you watch ALL Coog games on YouTube TV? If so, what channels do you subscribe to on YTTV?


You get what they have. There are some upgrade options, but I haven’t needed them. It has all the ESPNs (ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNU, ESPNN), CBSSN. Occasionally there will be the ABC game or the Fox Sports game (when we play a Big 12 team). But almost 100% of the games will be on an ESPN channel or CBSSN. The only caveat is like the Lamar game that was on ESPN3. I watched it for free through WatchESPN, but couldn’t record it.

Click this link, enter your zip, and it will tell you what all is available.

It also has SEC Network, FS1, FS2, MLBTV and NBATV (the last 2 for out of network/non-black out games).

(Jimmy Morris) #19

Type in your zip code and it will show you which networks are available in your area at the base price and below it shows which networks are available an additional price like $40 for NBA League Pass and $7 for Showtime.

For me, base price gets these sports networks. CBSSN, ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNEWS, ESPNU, Fox Southwest, Fox Southwest Plus, FS1, FS2, MLB Network, NBA TV, SEC Network, Tennis, Golf

When I put in Oklahoma zip codes it still says Fox Southwest so I feel like Youtube doesn’t distinguish between Fox Oklahoma and Fox Southwest.


Plus U don’t get shafted out of espn3 like happened to me on directv now. I switched to YouTube tv last week and can now watch espn3 again.