TV for OK State game?


I will be at the game. But asking for my father who couldn’t make the trip with us. Will the game be on FOXSORTSSW?

(Tom Green) #42

No it will be on FoxSportsOK . Should be able to get it if gets FoxSW. Ch 675 if DirecTV customer.


I have Comcast and it shows to be on Fox Sports Southwest Channel 637 at 3:00 PM Saturday.

(Tom Green) #44

Yes. Best to check depending on which Provider you have. But it will be in area of chs where you find ATTSportsHouston, FoxSW etc

(Ben) #45

Direct TV 640-1 and 669-1 also, according to my menu . . . . .


Have direct tv but not package with 675, will it be on fox sports go app?

(David) #47

It shows as an option on the Fox Sports Go app for Sat,

(Dan) #48

It’s showing on the schedule for Fox Sports Southeast so I might actually get to watch it here in Tennessee. I was planning on going to bw3s and seeing if they had fsoklahoma.

(Chris Alexander ) #49

Dish channel 447 3 pm

(Greg Wirthmann) #50

It’s also on Hulu.


That’s fox tomorrow at 3:30 on FSSW? Asking for my father who couldn’t make it to Stillwater

(Tom Green) #52

3:00 p.m. The game is being broadcast by FoxSportsOK. Seems like multiple feeds will be picking up game. Check your Provider to see if they carry FoxSportsOk or someone else that might be picking up broadcast. All I know is ch 675 for DirecTV will carry. See posters comments above to see other options.


It is on Hulu right?

(morris williams) #54

Comcast (Fox Southwest) 3:00 channel 637


I don’t get any of channels that is broadcasting it on my package with direct tv, so off to Buffalo Wild Wings in San Antonio for me

(Greg Wirthmann) #56

COUGAR2019 - Yes it will be on Hulu

(Charles) #57

If AT&T is your provider it’s on 1756.

(Ricardo Montano) #58

The games on Hulu? If so where do I find it


FS Southwest

(Ricardo Montano) #60

Is this under some category?