TV for OK State game?


FS Southwest is the channel. Just search Houston then select “Houston Cougars Basketball” and the game will show up.


watchin on fox sports

is this the official game thread?

(sphinx drummond) #63

Okie State broadcast team.


(Ricardo Montano) #65

Anybody know of a channel on dish? I couldn’t find it on Hulu

(Mitchell Patterson) #66

or the fox app on apple tv/roku

(Greg Wirthmann) #67

ricmontano - Just sign on to Hulu, go to sports then college basketball and you should see the game listed and then click on it.

(sphinx drummond) #68

I’m in New Braunfels and watching it on Hulu

(Ricardo Montano) #69

I don’t have live tv on my Hulu yet :disappointed:

(Class of 1981) #70

CBSSN is the ever missing network, imo. Youtube is one of few that carry it I guess unless you pay your left gonad.

(Jimmy Morris) #71

I pulled the trigger today. Time to brush off the dust off the 50" TV and move it to the bedroom since I’ve been watching all the games on the 32" computer screen. At least it’s month to month so I can just cancel at the end of the season with no extra cost.

(Class of 1981) #72

I think live it was 412-somechannelthatdidn’t show in the guide.

There is a recast on now till 7:30 at 412-04


Apparently some folks have the option to pause their subscription, but I’m not sure what triggers that. I’m thinking about seeing if they’ll authorize that for me (since I’ve been a subscriber for a few years now) and I’ll do that during the summer months to save a little money while no Coog sports are being played.