TV for the Tech game

I have a question for those of you more familiar with how the networks televise the games. According to the TV schedule, our game is listed as ABC/Espn2, and so is the FSU/NCst game at the same time. I’m assuming the game being shown on ABC will depend on the local market with the other being shown on ESPN 2?

The reason I’m asking is I’m trying to see if I’ll be able to set up a TV and generator with an HD antenna to watch the game from a tailgate. If local ABC carries the game I’ll be able to watch it, but I’m worried I may get it all set up and then the game ends up being put on ESPN 2. I would say I could stream it then with a roku but we all know how bad service is around the stadium on gameday. Thoughts? Should I be worried it won’t be on local ABC?

No it is on local ABC in Houston.

Why not come into the stadium and scream your head off like 40,000+ other coog fans?


Actually I think the rules are that you can’t tailgate during the game. Not sure how enforced they are or if they only look for people looking to cause mischief.

Because $65 is a high price for one game.

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What do you think a fair price is?

It’s more a question of what I can afford, rather than what a “fair price” is. In my current financial situation, anything over about $30 is a little extravagant. Anything that sells out or makes the school more money than they’d otherwise get is empirically a fair price, and this game will probably do that.


Pretty much what T-Moar said for me. I would love to be there but things are tight because of Harvey. I budgeted to go to the game last week but can’t afford $130+ right now just for 2 tickets for my girlfriend and I, so I figured the next best thing would be to watch the game on tv just outside the stadium.

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To me fair price is what the market values it at. If we have 3k empty seats at game time, $65 was probably a bit too much. If we sell out, probably could have gone a little more.

I doubt the game sells out unless Tech fans buy up the tickets. Looking on StubHub, prcies start at $69 even in the upper areas and end zones.

StubHub is a resale market, and they’re selling above face value there. That’s a good sign.

I have mine up for sale on VividSeats. I sit at the 50 in the second deck. My family decided to schedule a surprise party for my 85 year old grandma (shhh… don’t tell her) in Austin at 3p. Yeah… I can’t miss that or I am that guy.

What’s the price of your average tailgate party, per person?

VIVIDSEATS has the following starting prices for each of our remaining home games.
TTU - $55
SMU - $13
MEM - $12
ECU - $11
NAV - $14

So buy early because I’m sure those Memphis prices will go up if we both stay undefeted. SMU also as I expect that will sell out, b/c it’s a revenge game for us.

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