Twitter loves the Fertitta Center and the Win over Oregon

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Don’t want to clutter up other threads, but here’s a thread of tweets and pictures from opening night:

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lol at Danrad calling out Galen.

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Saw Lanny Smith at the game - he needs to cut the gray out of his hair so I don’t feel so old!


Thanks for the compilation!


Great thread!

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How were the said “obstructed view seats?”


I am in section 109 and the sight lines were great. The only "obstructed view I had was the 6 - 7 guy sitting in front of me (I claim 5 - 10). I know, I know, it’s my own fault for not being taller.

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So, you are old coog ( like me), and sit in the student section ?

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What a terrific collection of pictures/comments. Truly regret missing the inaugural game. Friends from ACC commented how great the facility looked, as well as congrats for the win over Oregon.

Particularly enjoyed Coach Sampson’s post game interview.


I meant section 120, don’t know how 109 came out.

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A few more:


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