Twitter rumors of anti trust litigation from Aresco

(Thomas Hitchcock) #1

This is interesting

(JohnnyCougar) #2

Objectivity > Subjectivity

Plus, we’re talking about a TON of cold hard cash going (or not going) to public institutions —-based on perception. No bueno!

Disclaimer: I realize there are a few privates in the mix, ND, USC, Duke, Rice, etc.

(P5_OR_BUST) #3

Everything firm MHver should be taken with a huge mountain of salt. Even if he is correct this time, I am not sure what legal standing such a complaint to the FTC will have. Plus the P5 schools have a lot of support in Congress, the worst thing would be if the P5 get the same kind anti-trust protection that MLB, NFL and others enjoy, that would be the death of the G5.

(JohnnyCougar) #4

If corporations are people, want makes you think championships can’t be awarded by opinions :rage:

(Cristian) #5

So what you’re saying is they expect UCF to stay undefeated the rest of the season. Well… :expressionless:

(Brad) #6

You guys better believe the AAC fully intends that UCF will be undefeated after the AAC championship game.

(Thomas Hitchcock) #7

All of the G6 (with the exception of Memphis or Houston) will be rooting for UCF…all of the P6 will be rooting for Houston/Memphis. Who has more leverage on the refs…P6 or G6?

edit: all of this P6 advertising is effective…I meant P5 and G5…lol

(Ben B) #8

Yes, but does the ACC. We pool refs after all.


If this report is true and it actually happens, then whatever potion he took to finally grow some nuts, he should market it.

I’ll add that if the defendant in such a suit is the CFP, then he’s got dumb lawyers I think. The CFP is a private organization with supposedly no affiliation with the NCAA. Ergo, they can do what they want with their little playoff. I’m not a lawyer, but it seems like a suit vs the CFP is barking up the wrong tree.


Is everyone just assuming they’re gonna win the CCG?

Let’s not forgot Memphis lost to UCF by a lucky 1 point.

(Munzell Milluns) #11

Aresco isn’t thinking of suing anyone. Any you might as well have said, “Twitter rumor’s from Easter Bunny…”


Are you saying the REFs will work against us or Memphis if either team makes it to the Conference Championship???!


Misleading thread title. “Twitter rumors” implies citing someone with a shred of credibility.

(Patrick) #14

I will say this, Marco Rubio tweeted support for UCF this past weekend. Whatever your feelings on him, this is how the system changed last time (Hatch getting involved when Utah was snubbed). If Congress gets involved, there will more than likely be changes:


…And UCF will likely get their ACC invite…


I want to beat UCF so bad. I believe they should be in the playoffs, but damn I’m so tired of hearing about them lol

(Al) #17

I don’t know if the ACC wants 3 FL teams. I think their first preference would be WVa if/when available. I appreciate UCF’s timing couldn’t be better, but not much evidence that realignment is being seriously considered by any P5’s.

(Ben B) #18

I’m not. I would hope we would get even more attention if our Coogs won so many games in a row.


My feelings too. I very well could take a literal act of Congress to change things.


You obviously didn’t watch many Klempson games when they were trying to make the playoff for the first time. ACC refs were all about making sure they stayed undefeated. In basketball the head of officials publicly stated that they looked at tendencies and that some schools “tended to fouls less than others.” ACC refs have taken instructions from the league office for years.