Twitterverse loves the Coogs - Must see!

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This collection below shows how we captured the nation’s imagination. This is incredible.

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After Kickoff Pictures and tweets:

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2nd Half:

Lanny Smith ‏@Lanny_Smith Sep 3
Hey @KirkHerbstreit remember we called this HOUSTON win last month in the elevator. Lol

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Coach Riser ‏@CoachRiser Sep 3

Lanny Smith ‏@Lanny_Smith Sep 3
If we can keep the top Houston talent at home, UH can compete with anybody. Basketball and Football
Lanny Smith ‏@Lanny_Smith Sep 3
We are on our way to making UH a place where Houston kids want to stay and play.

Lanny Smith ‏@Lanny_Smith Sep 3
I remember people in Houston telling me I was crazy for staying. Why wouldn’t I want to represent MY city with my talent?

Lanny Smith ‏@Lanny_Smith Sep 3
Imagine if TJ Ford and Vince Young stayed home. D. Ewing, Justise Winslow, Daniel Gibson, Harrison Twins, DeAndre Jordan, etc etc etc


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Kick 6

Full Game

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Thank you for putting this thread together. Thanks awesome

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Didn’t see this one in there.

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Pray - That was nice of you to feature that pic of the TAMU91 family.

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