Two Free 50 yardline Tickets to Arizona game

I hope it is ok to post this here.

I have two tickets in sec 308 Row 13 with chairback seats on the 50 yard line for the Arizona game.

I really want to make sure whoever gets them will indeed use them. So please post a reply here telling me why you should get them and promising me you’ll use them and also nominate someone else on the board to get them. I’ll read through the responses and narrow it down to a few and then randomly pick. I may just randomly pick from everyone. Of course I am assuming I get some interest in the tix.

I’ll pick the “winner” Sunday or Monday.

Oh, if nobody nominates the first guy who replies he’ll get heavier consideration. :slight_smile:

And, though I doubt I’d have success, the tickets aren’t for sale. I’m giving them away.

The tickets will be transferred online.

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Pick me, the heat Don 't bother me. I don’t tailgate at UH… I’m interested. Let me know if you still have the tickets.


Me and my dad are die hard UH fans but since they went up on the prices we ain’t been able to buy season tickets. We’d for sure be there, booing skumlin and rooting our coogs on to victory


If you didn’t get the free ones…buy some $15 tickets using promo code “PRIDE”…just click the link and enter the promo code PRIDE at the top left side of the page:

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Unlike some people on this board I love BOO BIRDS!!! And I hate Skumlin… COUGAR2019 for the win!

Thanks for responding. I’ll let you know probably on Monday morning.

I also have a couple Red Zone tickets if anyone wants them, but you gotta get up EARLY for that!



Folks if you want a chance at getting the tix please reply here. I am not reading any PMs right now.

Could i have the red zone passes for two of my family members who are going to the game so they can join us (the gf and I) please since it sold out missed out on that game.

Well 9/8 is my birthday would be a nice extra present.

My birthday :birthday: is September 4… It would be a nice gift from a fellow coog.

While im happy for both of you my birthday is also in September. The 17th. lol

My last birthday was 39. Since then, I have only celebrated anniversaries of my BD. Celebrated 33rd anni this past June . . . . .


Congrats COUGAR2019, you win the two tickets! Please PM me with your email address and I will transfer my tickets for the Arizona game to you.

CMCoog17, you win the Red Zone tickets. They have my name on them so I am not sure if you can use them. PM me with your email and I will send them to you.

I also have a BLUE LOT parking pass for the game on Saturday, but I am going out of town in the AM. I will try to leave it in an envelope at my front desk for someone to pick up near the Galleria if they want it. Please reply if you want it. Thx

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