TX HS sports a go at this point

Shows a delayed start, but will be playing.

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Here’s a better schedule.

Each local district still makes its own decisions. This is a good start for a framework. Hopefully conditions improve in our local jurisdiction that allow the competition to continue. BTW 50% max attendance for all HS events.


Glad to see they have a plan. Obviously each school district makes their own decision although some Supers have been on camera stating that is a UIL decision and other school districts have delayed sports and other activities until they are back in school.

I didn’t see any meniton of golf which also starts in the fall and a spring season. Golf is a no brainer to start this fall with most varsity programs having 4 touranments and a few for JV. Not surprised the go ahead with tennis, cross country, and volleyball. All should be doable under COVID or at least having a decent shot at executing. Football is the big question mark.

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Ok, so football will be delayed a bit at the 5A and 6A levels; I guess they’ll still have a full slate of district play, assuming this holds true.

HISD has 4a schools in the heat of the battle just like DISD - don’t make them play please

Katy schools will start on time, but families have option of on line or in-person attendance. Once decided, no changing.

That’s not accurate. Parents can change what they want to do with their kids after every grading period. It’s state law.

That’s right, it was no change until after the grading period which is what, 6 weeks? I was assuming people would realize this was as opposed to the first 8 weeks on line only as some districts are doing. That would mean after 8 weeks, things would go back to classroom instruction.

What the law/policy says for this 20/21 year. A family can change what “they” want to do for their student each six weeks/nine weeks. So in theory someone could switch (4 times on a six weeks district, or twice on a 9 weeks district) . Online learning will exist all year long. Face to face could be phased in and out based on conditions. Right now, only Katy and Lamar ( in Houston area) are even offering face to face to start the school year.

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FYI Katy ISD just announced they are changing course and offering online only first few weeks. The UIL announcement may end up being a false dawn.

Hey, for what it is worth, Nevada just cancelled High School football and other winter sports until February…which is really the pits here…

I think you’re right. After consulting with UTMB, Dickinson announced today that it would be online only for at least the first few weeks. Given that political conventions, inside dining, etc. are not happening, I’m not sure why buildings crammed with 3000+ people would be opened when online learning is available other than for political reasons. The curve hasn’t exactly been flat for 14 days.


And if you think teenagers are going to scrupulously follow guidelines, which most schools haven’t been able to work out given numbers of students and staff and space . . . well, you’d be wrong.


So Lamar ISD is the only holdover for the public schools now, as far as starting the year both online and in person? Good luck with that - thanks for being the guinea pigs (I mean test cases) for all the other districts.

In school wise they may not know much on how it is going since it normally takes a couple of weeks before signs start showing up. I wouldn’t be suprised if they back things up just to align with all other school districts with a couple of weeks delay.

On the football side, the smaller schools start practice on 8/3, a week from now with games starting 8/27. That is an entire month ahead of 5-A and 6-A. Plenty of time to validate how things are going on the football front. I sure hope they follow process and procedures so they don’t have infections that could have been prevented and it ends up impacting 5-A and 6-A.

I am being told that spring is still an option if things don’t go well and has been discussed, but seen as last resort with the current plan in place to execute this fall. But two sport athletes would need to choose and some coaches coach other sports in the spring and football in the fall. So no easy back up options.

Look what it is going on with MLB. 14 positive cases for the Florida Marlins in 1 weekend. Not in a bubble. Explain to me how college/high school sports execute if not in a bubble. This is the relatively contact free baseball (at least when compared to football).


Yeah…I’m going to renew my Loge Box this week for this season, but I honestly don’t know how this is going to happen.
Unfortunately, I believe that this exercise is just a slow walk to postponement/cancellation, or whatever you wish to call this hot mess…

I agree, I think the Marlin’s just showed us how quickly things can fall apart. I just do not see football being played this fall.


Lamar (HISD) is online only for the first six weeks unless you mean Lamar ISD, then I have no idea.

I decided against renewing for football, just don’t see it happening

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