TxSt is about to be looking for a new HC (updated Spav is not leaving)

(Marcus) #21

Bill O’Brien went from college to NFL and is calling plays himself. How’s that working out for him?

(Dan) #22

Makes sense, Kliff is with the big boys now and if he goes the “hire your friends” route on all or most assistants it’s a huge risk.

Wouldn’t be surprised to see Case wearing a headset for a few years on the Cardinals when his starting days are over.

(J V ) #23

Yeah, how is it working out for BOB?

Just out of curiosity why does everyone just assume that Case wants to be a coach when he is done playing?

Yes, I get he is the son of a coach. Maybe he wants to enjoy his life and start a family. It seems his other passion is the ministry of his faith. Perhaps that may be his path.