TxTech favored by 2.5 pts

Take Houston against the spread for easy money

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As Borat would say…sexytime.


They are favored??? I am not gambler but that seems like easy money.

We are the better team this year.


A little info, Vegas doesn’t do the line based on who they think will win. They do the line based on how they think people will bet. If the money is on both sides of the bet, they can’t lose. If they make UH a 7 point favorite and 10x as much money is placed on Tech than UH, they would stand to lose a lot of money if Tech covers.


For you younger kids…

Never bet against the Coogs. And also - never bet for them.

Just saying…


shaggy you got that backwards.
If UH is a 7 point favorite, and 10x money is plaaced on Tech than UH -
they make a fortune if UH wins.
They lose their shirt if Tech wins in your example.

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If you’re wanting to bet UH then you should just bet them on the moneyline. I haven’t seen one posted.

Stats are a little tough to matchup in this game because Tech vs Lamar skews everything.

I do think Tech will score some points and so will UH. First real road game for UH so it will be interesting to see how they respond to any adversity.


Yeah you are right. Vegas doesn’t like to use house money to pay off. They would lose if Tech covers in that situation. Fixed it.

i would bet the farm on UH in this one

No one is stopping you.

Do you have a farm?


i’m not being literal

do not bet your farm


See…that’s the problem today…too many left-centric right-wing literals.


If UH beats Tech the following week will the perfect game to give our backs ups lots of time.


We have no idea how this team will perform in a hostile environment.


A couple of TDs and our D in their QB’s face a few times will shut them up.


Questions: Does that mean that when you place a bet it can change based on how people bet as the game gets closer? Should you bet early when you’re not favored so you can win?

I’m sure that their players are not any more worried about us than the Arizona players were, after all, they are Big 12 and P5 and we are not.


LOL. Love it

Good question. I know at the dog track and horse track, if a bunch of people bet on the long shot dog, the odds get lower and lower and the payout is based on the odds of the dog when the windows close. The same should apply to major sportsbooks in Vegas. Betting early means you if your bet isn’t popular, the spread changes more in your favor and vice versa.

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