U of H BB NCAA rankings by Category

How the COOGS rank in Nation by category. * Only included categories where U of H was ranked in top 50. Houston is ranked in 11 categories that is the most this year! Information from NCAA website.

FG % Defense #1
Off. Rebs. Per game #1
3 pt. FG Defense #1
Scoring Defense #2
Scoring Margin #3 Gonzaga #1 BU #2
Total Rebs. Per game #5
Reb. Margin #6
W-L % #8
Steals per game #22
Total Steals #26
Total Rebs. #30


Still hard to believe ECU shot 47%+ from 3 against us…


So, when is the next game for our Coogs? I’m lost!

Thursday @ WSU

Sunday vs. Cincinnati

Good post!

Does this guy have any influence?

Hard to argue with this assessment. Reality is if our guards aren’t scoring, it can be hard cheese.

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If two of the three of Grimes, Jarreau and Sasser are hitting on all cylinders, then it will be hard for anyone outside of Gonzaga and Baylor to hang with us. When two of those guys are on (and super bonus if the third is also on), the rest of the team feeds off of that and the offense is so much more potent.

I thought one of the more significant categories was that we were ranked 3rd in the nation in “scoring margin” behind Gonzaga & Baylor! Pretty good company!


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