Ucf and fau

Thought ucf was about to run away with this one. Tied up. Ucf run defense is suspect. They still look good on offense.

I did too, FAU is taking it to them.

Will be a track meet. Lane Train offense is effective just short a little on numbwr of weapons. UCF defense is getting pressure to QB causing hurries by rushing 4——imagine that!


Lane is a better coach.

And ucf offense is spooky. 3 man rushes will not work against that team.

I am glad we won’t play them this year.

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FAU defensive coordinator is cousin of D’Donfrio.
Or at least a distant relative.

May play them in CCG.


Guess it depends on what you mean by “rushing”…


If you rush milton with 3 he will pick you apart.

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It also depends if you use the oxford or the Webster’s definition of rushing. I believe the Oxford dictionary says that it is a group of 3 people running at a target with a delayed 4th person 6 yards behind.


I think he meant blitzing.
Maybe slow blitzing – oh wait, does that count?


If we end up playing UCF in the CCG, it’s going to look a whole lot like our game against Tech. King will torch their secondary, but Milton may torch ours more.


Its a good thing we “learned” our lesson now instead of then if it [The CCG] does happen.

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Ucf is running away.

Kind of a weird statement to say. You can say Lane is more experienced but haven’t seen anything but good stuff from Heupel so far.

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UCF hasnt had a drive as long as 4 minutes. 4 minutes less TOP. FAU was one of the best offenses last year.

How have they only allowed 23 points?

Confused on the point you were trying to make. 3 minute drives are longer than average and holding FAU to 23 points in 3 quarters isn’t amazing at all this year. They scored 33 on Air Force and 14 against OU.

FAU is racking up some major rushing yards at a 5.3 ypc clip. Is their OL that good, or is UCF’s DL that bad?

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