UCF and Missing Game


UCF is trying to (or already has) schedule a game with Austin Pea in an effort to have a full schedule. Can we do that or is it too late? I was hoping that we could still salvage the UTSA game. If not, I hope it doesn’t effect the final rankings/bowl possibilities…

(Eric Prado) #2

We gain nothing from a win with UTSA. Why would we want this?


Just to have the full complement of games. Does UCF gain anything from playing Austin Pea?

(Eric Prado) #4

It benefits them because its a home game if I’m not mistaken.

(Paul Marlow) #5

May be trying to generate revenue if possible in a year with a good team. Seems like an economic decision.

(Robert) #6

UCF had to cancel 2 games due to the hurricane. (Georgia Tech and Maine) so in order to have 11 games they scheduled this game. They lost a lot of money because the Georgia Tech game was their big home game and possible sell out.

(David) #7

Don’t look now but UTSA is #3 in Total Defense and #20 in Scoring Defense. UH is #58 and #12, respectively. I am not saying UH would lose but it is not a risk I want them to take sitting at 4-1 right now and Oliver banged up. Plus, the game would have to be played a week after the most difficult stretch of the season (Memphis, @ USF before facing ECU), would eliminate the off week and require playing a game rather than plan for closing @ Tulane / Navy.

One less game sounds good to me right about now.

(David) #8

And given the struggles with the offense early on, the cancellation of that game in the first week might have been a good thing.

(Patrick) #9

Only way the UTSA game could have been made up was during the week of the CCG. UTSA turned that down.

(David) #10

Silly me…thought UTSA would rearrange their entire schedule around our Coogs so I didn’t check their schedule. UH is a P6 school after all…we have the flag to prove it