(Gary Taylor) #1

Will Frost pull a Briles, Sumlin or Herman on UCF. With December signing date for commits make it seem more likely.- he may wait until championship game with Memphis but if he loses he’ll be gone immediately. Same might be said for Norvell at Memphis… I expect one or both to be gone after next weekend.

(WRB) #2

Win lose or draw, I look for both to be gone after the conference championship game.


Maybe Disney World will step up. More football fans in Orlando means more people at the parks.

(Midwest Coogs Fan) #4

It’s the unfortunate natural order of the AAC. One of the prominent sources for AAC head coaches is to hire rising stars in the coordinator ranks of the P5.

Sure the occasional canned P5 coach and internal hires fill out the dance card, but the AAC is proving to be a solid landing ground for up and coming coordinators to make their name. Once they do, the P5 will come calling and those hot commodities leave.

The American is collectively becoming the cradle of coaches. If you look at the bright side of this natural order; however, AAC coaching staffs are kinda like recruiting classes. The fortunes of your program get a chance to reboot every 2-3 years. There is “some” excitement in the promise of an upgrade with the fan base.

(J V ) #5

Just watch for the Herman nervous twitchy eye look during interviews where he denies he is leaving.

(Midwest Coogs Fan) #6

Definitely a bad poker face.