UCF is Officially Recognized as National Champion by NCAA

UCF is Officially Recognized in the NCAA Record Books as a 2017 National Champion with Alabama…



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If you go to NCAA.com they are not listed as a 2017 champion. This listing is referencing Colley matrix as listing them as a National Champion. NCAA.com does list split national champions from previous years prior to the BCS when there were multiple polls.

If the NCAA wasn’t so stupid and corrupt they might actually be able to help formulate a legitimate playoff.

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lol laughable.

This is the part that confuses me. The NCAA should set up a playoff for the FBS.
People think the NCAA is responsible for forming the BCS or CFP but they are not. They are done by an independent company and not even sanctioned by the NCAA. The only thing the NCAA sanctions when it comes to FBS national championships is the major selectors choices when it comes to the record books.

Not laughable as much as just not part of past decorum. Colley Matrix has been one of the recognized major selectors since 1992. It was part of the BCS forumla as well. But several years, the Colley Matrix, has had a top rank that wasn’t with the rest of the picks. For example 2016 Alabama and 2012 Notre Dame list their top rankings as “unclaimed titles.”

I’m not laughing but I will say it’s not kosher for UCF to claim a national title.

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Not Kosher? That is your own opinion like the cfp has its own opinion. The fact is that no one can deny it. The cfp is an arbitrary group that decides who gets in & who does not. Alabama is better than UCF? Prove it, PROVE IT ON THE FIELD. Nowhere else will we have the answer. Right now the cartel control everything. That is also another fact. UCF is as deserving a National Champ as Alabama.


Whether you really believe UCF or Alabama is the national champion or not is secondary.

The main point is that the CFP is still arbitrary and will be until there is a system based on results on the field (various proposals out there) and not opinion of some committee. Also furthering the bs P5/G5 narrative.

Every other CFB division has a playoff as well as every other freakin’ sport. If the NFL ran this system, the Oilers would have been in the ‘national championship game’ a couple of times, but they lost to Pittsburgh in the 70s and lost to Buffalo in '92. In '92, the Oilers were clearly better than Buffalo, but they lost (choked) on the field and Buffalo went on. There was no committee arguing strength of schedule or any other bs. On the other hand, the '95 Rockets limped into the playoffs and beat every other higher seeded team to the championship.

Until there is a legit system settled on the field, there will always be asterisks IMO


That’s why I wrote formulate. I understand they don’t control the current system which is asinine.

College football has an excellent regular season but their post season is garbage which could be easily fixed, but they’re so tied to an antiquated bowl system.

Any title claimed by not earning it on the field is silly in this type of team sport.


It’s not an opinion, it’s how several other schools have handled being ranked number one by Colley Matrix but not by the majority. Did UCF before 2017, recognize 2016 Alabama and 2012 Notre Dame as national champions? In the 2017 UCF media guide, do they reference Tulane as the 1998 national champs? If they did none of that before they went undefeated, then it’s hypocritical to proclaim it for themselves.

Do they have to affirm those were champions or is it enough that they didn’t deny they were? I have yet to see a UCF fan say that Bama is not a recognized champ. They just say that they arent the only recognized champ.

So they dont have to say Tulane was the only champion that year as long as they didn’t deny Tulane was a champion


For 2016? Was it even a conversation? I mean, I don’t go to UCF forums but maybe you do. If you can link me to any kind of discussion with even one UCF fan said after Alabama lost to Clemson, something along the lines of Alabama still being a national champion, I’d love to see it. I’m 99% sure that discussion never happened on this forum.

No… 2017. UCF fans recognize Bama as champs. But they recognize their team too. So when you say they have to recognize Tulane as champs, they don’t have to recognize them as the only champs. Just like Bama claims lots of championships when there are other teams that claims championships those same years.

So UCF isn’t a hypocrite unless Bama is too. When Bama gives up about 5 of their championships, then UCF might need to

We are having two different convos then. Not sure if you read the start of this thread. The recognition, is that Colley rated UCF #1 at end of 2017. Colley also rated Alabama #1 in 2016 even after losing the championship. So they were tied with the best record and were rated #1 in the same poll. So, if UCF wants to consider it recognition, then Alabama is recognized as a co-champ in 2016 but does not claim it.

They may not claim that one, but they claim plenty others including the 1941 title that they didn’t claim until 1983 which is the much more bogus than UCF’s claimed title.

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