UCF jumped by Mississippi State in CFB Playoff rankings

(Patrick) #1

8-3 Mississippi State…that beat 4-7 Arkansas…that’s lost by 28 to Georgia and 39 to Auburn…who played 3 G5/1 FCS team in non-conference…was moved ahead of undefeated UCF in the latest CFB Rankings last night.


Some takes:


(Patrick) #2

My thoughts, where is our commissioner in all of this. He’s the one that decided to move forward with the P6 branding, but is nowhere to be found during this debacle.

I’m guessing he doesn’t want to rock the boat due to upcoming TV negotiations, but isn’t that part of the problem?

(Patrick) #3

Rocky Long going at the system on a different note:


College football is such a farce.

(Patrick) #5

Finally, but he needs to go national with it:

(Cary) #6

Litigation is the only way to solve this and it needs to blow the whole system apart. This is what we have come to.

(PortlandCoog) #7

It’s self-sustaining discrimination. What’s UCF supposed to do? It’s a circular finger pointing rationale used to favor certain schools and conferences.

And yes it’s only going to change if congress (Ha!) does something or litigation.

(Robert) #8

San Diego St. HC Rocky Long actually infers that ESPN handles the Heisman Campaign. Really?

This guy C. Austin Cox suggest collusion at play with the intent to exclude teams and/or leagues regardless of performance and established rules with the goal of financial gain for select and undeserving parties. Really?

Or this Tim Brando guy saying that whether it’s Houston, or Memphis, or this season UCF, about the only conservation it receives is when the Head Coach of their TOP teams linked to a P5 school.

These guys need to be wearing tinfoil hats or talking about who killed JFK.

Or, because they are closer to college FB than us fans of the G5 untouchables are, they know the pecking order and who rules and who follows:

ESPN/Media at the top. They created the caste system and the P5 and G5 labels, they control the P5 only bowls, and they make certain that the top 6 or 7 ranked teams will not play a G5 in an access bowl.

Next comes the P5 Nirvana conferences who now answer to ESPN/Media because they have sold their television start time and other rights to them for a tremendous amount of $$$.

Then you have the G5 Untouchable conferences who take whatever crumbs the ESPN/Media gives them. There is zero concern of these G5 schools and less of their fans.

I personally like the Tim Brando comment that teams like Houston, Memphis and now UCF has conservation when the Head Coach of their TOP team is linked to a P5 school. UH saw ESPN have many conversations during televised games last year where they reported rumors of where Herman would be coaching at next.

Someone send him a tinfoil hat. College FB is as clean as fresh snow, just like college BB which has zero influence from the BB snicker manufacturers, ESPN/Media and the agents/AAU coaches. Just ask the FBI.


This is what killed me the most about last year. If at the very least we had stayed ranked 5th in the nation going all the way to the Louisville game. Louisville was ranked 3rd in the nation for that game, and if the results were the same against them it would’ve been very hard for the playoff committee to not move us up from number 5. Then if we had of ended up beating Memphis and also winning our conference championship game, I would like to see how they would try to find a way to drop us down out of the top 4. Can’t do anything about it and there’s a lot of if‘s, but I still feel like it would’ve been interesting.

(G.W.) #10

Its a multibillion dollar industry with public institutions who receive federal money either being benefitted or punished by private entities who gain the most from these public universities.

Therefore Lawmakers need to step in to break up the monopoly/cartel that feeds off their placement of these teams.

A true TEN Team Conference Champion style playoff is the start. At least give EVERY TEAM a shot, no matter how slim, a chance at a National Championship.

(Cary) #11

People keep talking like that ranking was a CFP ranking. The ranking we had before the Navy game last year was an AP ranking only. The CFP has notoriously ranked the non-P5 schools 5-6 ranks lower than the AP, which means we would have been around 10-12. There was no way we would have sniffed the playoff last year even undefeated.


The problem is you are talking about the AP ranking. We already had 2 losses by the start of the CFP rankings. I bet they would have put us around #12 in the first ranking behind all the 1 loss P5 teams. Possible we get to #7 the week of the Louisville game as the top 6 were 1 loss or less and OU with 2 losses is #9. Just dont see us getting put at 4 over 12-1 Washington. They would had wins over #9 USC, #10 Colorado, #18 Stanford, #19 Utah (plus Washington St who was just outside the top 25) while we had #7 OU and #13 Louisville (knock everybody down 1 if we are in above them, not counting Navy or Temple as they would not have been in any top 25 if we beat them).


Lets be real here. In the current system, no non-P5 team will ever be included in the 4 team play-off. That’s as in never going to happen. Not even at 12-0 for 2+ years in a row. Never.

It’s a rigged system. Bernie Sanders had a much, much better chance of winning the Democratic Party nomination last year. And his chances were slim and none, and slim had already left town.


The administrstion of it is, for sure.

(G.W.) #15

Yes, Washing ton had wins over teams ranked 9, 10, and 16. They were all PAC12 teams.
How do these P5 teams get ranked so high? They do it by winning conference games against cver-ranked, over-rated conference mates. USC or Colorado gets more credit for beating unranked Oregon State, Arizona, and Arizona State than UH does beating a ranked Memphis or ranked Navy team.

So they get wins over P5 teams who are mediocre to crappy.

And most of their OOC wins are against FCS and Bottom Dweeling G5 teams AT HOME. They rarely play top notch P5 teams. Sometimes they do and win. But often they do and LOSE. Then when they end up with 1 or 2 losses the CFP committee will say it was early in the year. And they are much better now.

Meanwhile, teams like UCF will beat teams ranked in the 20’s because the polls and CFP committee will not rank Memphis or Navy or USF. So it looks like “who did they play?” Glad to see Bama played traditional power Mercer…

Just give all of the Conference Winners a place in the CFP and lets see how it plays out over the next 20years. At least it keeps coaches from being stolen every year since they can win it all at any university.


In response to you and H town, I know that was the AP rankings but we were still ranked high enough to where I think we would have been in the window possibility. I was also referring that if we hadn’t lost both to SMU and Navy. Of course that’s why I was saying this was purely hypothetical because we didn’t even get to that point. But if we could have gone undefeated all the way until Louisville and then finish the season, I wonder where we would’ve fallen within the rankings. Again, a completely moot point. However I felt that last year could’ve been extremely special if the stars aligned.

(Tom) #17

Only litigation will probably tilt the scale. There has to be a way to sue this corrupt CFP committee for a quantiable harm to scholarships and undue disadvantage if UCF runs the table and is left out.

(Chris) #18

Where are our esquires?
Can you imagine a class action lawsuit? I can.
Any lawyers on our website that care to let us all know if we stand a chance to dismantle this cartel?
Have you notice how the word cartel is now commonly used by the members of the press?
This is a major evolution from just a few years ago.


The whole playoff mechanism for FBS is FUBAR.

(Chris) #20

Enough with this debate about who belongs and whom does not. We have reached a point of no return. The g5’s are in the ditch and the P5’s are laughing their arses off all the way to the bank.
Litigation is the only way to solve this. I am not a lawyer but why on earth are we letting P5’s members using our tax Dollars to fund THEIR programs/grants? Please give me a clear explanation.