Feel bad for the UCF folks. They are in a no win situation. If the distractions don’t ruin their season this week, Nebraska and the media will. Like A&M and Sumlin, Nebraska does not want UCF to win. The optics of a coach leaving his NY6 bowl team is terrible. Nebraska will find a way to leak the deal to the national media this week just like TAMU did. How do they as a university enjoy anything about this season from here on out? Memphis is getting another present. The first was our 2nd half defense.

(Alan Tran) #2

This CCG will be filled with distractions for both teams. Mike Norvells name has been tossed around for Arkansas and maybe Tennessee. Scott Frost to Nebraska is pretty much a done deal in my books.

(Patrick) #3

A little different in that UCF isn’t in Nebraska’s backyard and a NY6 bowl-winning coach would probably be a nice get for Nebraska.

Aggies didn’t want lil old UH to look better than them because they thought it would hurt them in the long run. Sumlin decided they were right and sandbagged the game. Screw them both.


Very interested to see who an undefeated UCF draws for NY6. There will be some VERY good 1 loss teams shut out of the playoffs. 'BAMA could be one and if so, their next opponent will have the devil to pay, I think.

(Cary) #5


Even those close to the Central Florida program are now expecting Scott Frost to leave for Nebraska.

According to Ryan Bass, who covers Central Florida for 247Sports, there are those on Frost’s staff at UCF already physically getting ready for a move.

“I’m told it is now all but imminent he will be leaving UCF and accepting the Nebraska job as early as Saturday night, following UCF’s AAC title game against Memphis,” Bass reported at Knights247. "Staffers close to Frost have already begun the process of cleaning out their desks and finalizing paperwork in preparation of a move.

“UCF people are beginning to accept the fact that Frost is all but gone after this week. I’ve also heard (athletic director) Danny White is in the preliminary stages of vetting potential candidates to replace Frost.”

Central Florida made a strong push to keep Frost. According to Bass, there’s been a contract extension with some impressive dollars attached to it in front of Frost for at least three weeks.

But on Monday, the reporter noted that Frost sounded like a coach with one foot out the door. Frost told reporters during the press conference: “I’d be hurt if Nebraska wasn’t interested in me. I’m from there.”


(Cary) #6

I feel bad for them. We know how that goes. The ADs in this conference just need to keep a constant list of contacts that they update twice a year to replace their head coaches.


It could ruin their year depending on how the players take it.


The difference here is that in contrast to ATM, Nebraska is a classy program and is handling this correctly. It’s why I always root for Nebraska.

(James Duncan) #9

So I now remember this from 2011… definitely a plausible reason UH lost so badly vs USM while Scumlin was signing the ATM deal.

What’s fresher in my mind is with Vermin who lost to UConn the week he was talking to the S. Carolina folks and then Navy last year when I’m sure UT was talking to him after Strong lost two in a row.

Definitely will be rooting for UCF regardless of what Frost does… though at least with Frost it’s natural to go back to NU where I think he won a Heisman in the 90s.


This is what’s wrong with college football but not sure what can be done about it. The players and fans deserve better.

(Chris) #11

There is not one other option. The P5 get our tax Dollars for their programs/grants and they also get our Coaches. In return we get a kick in the backside and one on the front side. This is what the P5’s and cfp have created.
This is a scam. How long is this scam going to continue? That’s the biggest question facing the G5’s and every single college football fan.


I don’t understand the move to Nebraska. I just don’t think he will have the athletes for his system. Recruiting will be tougher, but they do “own” the state. He will most likely have to recruit out of state well and bringing top-end guys to Nebraska sounds like pulling teeth. I think it’s one of those storied programs that were fortunate of the time period they played in, historically. Now that the landscape of college football looks more like his offense, he better be able to recruit really, really well.

(Drew) #13

Rumor has it UCF’s special teams coach is at the top of the list for replacement coaches. If anyone can replicate that offense it’s him. Despite all the other candidates they want continuity regardless of his lack of experience as an OC or HC. :grin:


When Osborne was their coach and for some time afterwards the Huskers recruited nationwide very well. It will take some time to build it up, if he can win with the players he can get now. It will be tough, for sure.

(sarkcoog) #15

I like the quote above. On a positive note for the conference, UCF and Memphis are playing for the NY6 bowl. I cannot see anyone from the other conferences jumping the winner of this game. I just hope whoever wins that they let the current coaching staff coach the team in the NY6 bowl game (that is if the coaching staff does not pull a Montgomery and spend their all their time recruiting for their new team and not preparing their team for the bowl game.).

On another note, it really ticks me off for both Memphis and UCF, because while I think Memphis would not match up well, I think UCF could handle the potential Peach Bowl opponent in Georgia. That would make a big statement for the conference. But if UCF or Memphis has to prepare with a mismatch of coaches and graduate assistants leftover, it will not go well.

(Patrick) #16

With Boise State losing this last weekend, that took any possible challenger out of the mix…not that the Broncos were going to leap either Memphis or UCF. They may have had a shot if USF had upset UCF, as you never know what the committee might do.


Boise and Fresno play again this weekend…

(Chris) #18

Frost leaves after this weekend?
UCF loses badly in the Peach Bowl. P5’s will claim “see they did not belong” They end up with a 25 ranking.
Frost leaves after the Peach Bowl?
UCF players give their all and win. P5’s are silent. cfp committee is silent and can’t be reached for comments. G5’s presidents bark at the cfp not unlike Chihuahas. Notice that the door is still shut.

cfp gives in. G5’s get a cerveza.

UCF ends up with a top 10 ranking. P5’s are still silent.

(PortlandCoog) #19

It’s not just a UCF problem, it’s a whole P5 cartel problem hurting other programs/conferences who are shut out.

(Chris) #20

That’s the point. The G5’s are the chihuahua.