UCLA Attendance

UH is not the only school with attendance problems.

Phil Steele
After lowest attendance in 22 years and 0-2 start UCLA giving away free tickets to Bruins fans for game against Oklahoma [http://www.oudaily.com/sports/ou-football-ucla-giving-away-free-tickets-to-bruins-fans/article

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They haven’t been good in a while and you have to win in LA for people to show up.

Just like in Houston.


I thought Chip would have started to right that ship by now. It’s not as if the PAC is a football juggernaut these days

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Chip is recruiting like dog crap, and two of his players just defected to UH. Those are the only deflections I actually know about because of the team I follow.

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Also the Rose Bowl is a horrible stadium and hasn’t been renovated in 20 years. Also the gameday atmosphere sucks. Almost no music and anything played is super lame. Horrible gameday and stadium.

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It sounds like we were before we moved back on campus. I wonder if they have ever thought about building a stadium on campus or does the Rose Bowl charm help them in recruiting.

Not to mention I heard some of their d-bag, fair weather fans gave some our senior coog fans a hard time. ### UCLA.

Yep, parking on a golf course immediately next to the stadium and having a great tailgate in perfect weather sucks every time.


Actually it is a wrong assumption. Both the Rose Bowl and Coliseum have gone through recent renovations. UCLA was on the right track with Mora then he hit a wall, got fired and Kelly is trying to re-do the entire program. If he is given real time there is no way of knowing how high they can get.
The Rose Bowl is in a unique setting confied in a very upscale neighborhood. Think of River Oaks multiplied by 10. When UCLA is competitive they have great support.

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From someone who has been to many games and events at the Rose Bowl, it is a spectacular setting. Although I really do not like the stadium. Way too flat to have a great view of the game, and way too many seats in a row, to be able to get to concessions and the restrooms. I have turned down tickets to Rose Bowls, if I did not have a dog in the fight. The other problem, is the Rose Bowl is a long way from the UCLA campus. Think, the Astrodome from UH, then add at least 1/2 an hour or MORE with traffic to get to the stadium. UCLA is a wonderful university. The Rose Bowl is just, way to far from campus for average students to attend games. Add that UCLA is on the quarter system, and the students are not on campus till late September.

I only went to the Rose Bowl once…and though the game was 1 to forget…RIP Case…I thought it was an awesome place to watch a game and I would never move out of that building. That is a special building to me.


Group of us went to the game where first play Piland tosses a pick 6 and it went downhill after that. We sat in the Bruins alumni section and got harassed pretty good by a group of douchebag Raider fans behind us. I passed a kidney stone day before the trip so I wasn’t in too good of a mood to begin with and our performance made it worse. Raider fans ended up getting tossed and rest of the folks around us were cool. Ahhh good times, good times!


Should we really call out any school on their attendance problems? Seriously?


They do with us, so why not??!


From a certain point of view our attendance is pretty good these days. Imagine tryin to get 29,000 ppl to show up for prairie view in 2005. Even in 2010 i remember 15,000 attendance and 1000 were give-aways to elementary schools. We’re making progress.


That’s right. I was surprised at the big crowd for PV considering our last 2 games. Looks like we are growing.


I sat in the end zone of our disastrous game against UCLA and witnessed numerous fights. The stadium even had a cyclone fence permanently placed in the end zone that separated opposing “fans” which increased the bravado from both sides as the fence “was holding them back from kicking somebody’s ass”. I got the impression that the UCLA “fans” were regulars that were there for the “fight” and not the ball game.

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I watched Cincy vs UCLA and the TV announcers said Cincy had a UCLA transfer, starter, I think. So there are others, who knows how many.

California is the land of entitlement and I can’t help but wonder if that mentality has something to do with the lack of success for not just them but Stanford and USC as well.

I live exactly 3 miles from the Rose Bowl. Have lived there for 15 years. It’s a pretty amazing setting. The stadium is old, but has been renovated in the last 5 years. I prefer games at TDECU, but it’s a pretty great place to see a game, outside of obnoxious UCLA fans. Also great for concerts, etc.

As far as the mythical California being the land of entitlement. We have our problems out here for sure, but folks go to work just like anywhere else. It’s a lazy take.