UCONN MBB on probation....GLAD THEY'RE GONE!


Eh. NCAA probation is nothing more than a bad look. They’re so shameless in enforcement and who gets hit, while ignoring other huge violations from other schools.

Really this is just an NCAA perfect scenario. Name program who’s down with some violations, drop the hammer to show, “We’re really very serious.” Now the successful name programs who are also cheating as much if not a lot more get their free pass.


As one poster on here named them: UGONE! Thank you, new Big East for taking our garbage!!!


I agree this is smoke and mirrors. Just a whole bunch of window-dressing before the big cover up.

As Will Wade would say, “I gave him a strong offer…a very strong offer.”

Technically speaking, he game him a “strong-ass offer”.

…a very strong ass offer

The NCAA is like prohibition era cops in Chicago. Those cops weren’t there to enforce the law of the land, they were there to enforce the law of the land on your rivals.

I’m still in shock over the possibility that LSU will receive a free get out of jail card…I agree, UConn probably has not done anything worse than most of the so called blue bloods do every year. College basketball is a total mess…I think the possibility of kids getting to go straight to the NBA or to a foreign land out of high school will tone some of the cheating down…but nothing will ever do away with it entirely…

Too much money on the line for coaches to win to eliminate cheating imo.

Butch, I think the possibility of kids going straight to pros or overseas may make it worse since the cheaters will up their ante to get these kids.

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Unfortunately you might be right Mike…no doubt teams are paying mega bucks right now to get the elite players…and it has been that way for many years…But opening the doors for high school seniors to go to the NBA might make a difference…if the league can outbid teams like Kentucky, Kansas, UCLA, LSU, etc lol…