UCONN MBB on probation....GLAD THEY'RE GONE!


Eh. NCAA probation is nothing more than a bad look. They’re so shameless in enforcement and who gets hit, while ignoring other huge violations from other schools.

Really this is just an NCAA perfect scenario. Name program who’s down with some violations, drop the hammer to show, “We’re really very serious.” Now the successful name programs who are also cheating as much if not a lot more get their free pass.


As one poster on here named them: UGONE! Thank you, new Big East for taking our garbage!!!


I agree this is smoke and mirrors. Just a whole bunch of window-dressing before the big cover up.

As Will Wade would say, “I gave him a strong offer…a very strong offer.”

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Technically speaking, he game him a “strong-ass offer”.

…a very strong ass offer

The NCAA is like prohibition era cops in Chicago. Those cops weren’t there to enforce the law of the land, they were there to enforce the law of the land on your rivals.

I’m still in shock over the possibility that LSU will receive a free get out of jail card…I agree, UConn probably has not done anything worse than most of the so called blue bloods do every year. College basketball is a total mess…I think the possibility of kids getting to go straight to the NBA or to a foreign land out of high school will tone some of the cheating down…but nothing will ever do away with it entirely…

Too much money on the line for coaches to win to eliminate cheating imo.

Butch, I think the possibility of kids going straight to pros or overseas may make it worse since the cheaters will up their ante to get these kids.


Unfortunately you might be right Mike…no doubt teams are paying mega bucks right now to get the elite players…and it has been that way for many years…But opening the doors for high school seniors to go to the NBA might make a difference…if the league can outbid teams like Kentucky, Kansas, UCLA, LSU, etc lol…

Back in the PSJ era there was this big guy out of California (I think his name was Anderson) that we were recruiting and he told Guy that it would take $60K cash. Guy told him he wished him well, but no thanks. The kid ended up at LSU and his mother, who was a maid in California, moved to Baton Rouge where she landed a high level state government job.

Of course the Tito Horford episode was another instance of LSU payoff. He was set to come here and the night before signing disappeared only to be signed by LSU the next day. LSU’s coach Brown got caught up in that one and had to let Tito go, and he went to a Florida school; just can’t remember if it was Miami, FSU, or UF. I wonder if Tito had to give back the $100K.

UH’s coach Donnie Schverak also got in trouble over Tito for visiting him in his home country, I think the Dominican Republic. Donnie was barred from off-campus recruiting for a year.

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Donnie got in trouble because of all things, he paid for a taxi ride to town for Tito and his girl friend…unbelievable how things worked out with LSU and Dale Brown reported to be throwing suit cases of cash at Tito’s mom and then LSU having to bow out with the NCAA in the picture. The confused kid then opted for Miami…

We got the shaft many ways on the Tito issue.

It was the beginning of our downward spiral.

Donnie also unfairly got shafted on that.

UH was overly scrutinized on that fiasco.

I say, speaking as an individual, our University did not stick with one of our own on that one. People have memories but institutions are cold.

Not one of our proudest moments as to Donnie.

Enough said.

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That was a bad look for our administration as Guy V. deserved better.

Brown was as crooked as they came. The stories I heard about Shaq’s Salary at LSU would make your head spin.

I always considered it a blessing to have Guy V. around at the end…along with his lovely family.


I agree about Guy V as well.
I was referring to Donnie S. We could have treated him better as well.
Years of faithful service.


I know. I meant Donnie as an extension of Guy’s staff. It was an unnecessary embarrassment that was blown way, way out of proportion.

No doubt Donnie was the scapegoat in that deal…and he remained bitter about that years afterwards…but that is how the NCAA works…one school with cases full of money is ignored, but come down on the one that gives $10 to pay a cab fare lol…Guy was basically forced to retire afterwards and Foster was brought end, ending UH’s finest era of hoops…just hoping coach Sampson can keep this thing rolling and put us back on the national map…
If you will remember LSU was involved with a big forward out of California we recruited…he was a 6-8 power forward…I am thinking his name was Johnson, but I think he is the same player Red is talking about.
Well, LSU went to the bank with that young man and his mom and guess where he ended up?
Anyone remember Jerry Davis from West Oso? He attended many, many UH games and openly told folks and coaches he was coming to Houston.
Welp, he got side tracked by a guy named Dick Vitale who was coaching at Detroit at the time…Yep, even back then there was a lot of corruption in college hoops recruiting…
And it has only gotten worse…

It, and every other unflattering story connected to UH, were blown out of proportion because UH was kicking butt in the SWC and that would not be allowed to continue. The Evil Empire minions on the staffs of the various state and local news media, both print and broadcast, made sure to exploit every anti-UH angle they could find – or create.


This Ollie thing is like the houseguest who won’t leave for UGone.