Uconn putting a epic whipping on UC in championship game

(morris williams) #1

Normally i wouldn’t be watching this game, but i’m absolutely fascinated with the efficiency of the Uconn players on offense and defense. Gino is such a great coach and motivator. O well…

(Butch) #2

No doubt they have a great program, but how nice is it to just about get anyone you want out of high school. He has a roster full of elite players, as usual, and knows how to use them. Not to mention except for a few OOC games his team is rarely tested. The AAC has to be one of the worst conferences in America…heck, our Coogs won 20 games this year and UConn is easily a 60-70 point better team…


They beat us by 65 in January. Could have been 100 if their coach had gone with his starters all the way.

(Patrick) #4

Sagarin rates the AAC as the 7th best conference behind the P5 and Big East and has 5 AAC teams in the Top 100 and no team below 200. Only UCONN and USF will probably make the tourney, but at least 3 teams will make the WNIT.

UCONN’s just exceptionally good


Yes, it’s almost ridiculous. I hope USF can stay within 15.

(Butch) #6

And UConn just might be the reason the AAC is ranked as high as 7th…I kind of feel sorry for them because they absolutely have no competition in this conference, but then again one might argue there are a lot of conferences they probably wouldn’t have any competition in LOL…

(Patrick) #7

True, UCONN does lift everyone else up.

But, yes, there may be about a handful of teams in the country that can compete with them.