UConn shutting out Tulsa and other Saturday action


That is a shame.

(Tom) #2

Not really, Tulsa need to lose if we have the remotest chance to sniff the AAC west championship


Ha Ha Ha, now that’s pretty funny.

Barring a minor miracle, it looks like the only game remaining that we have a chance of winning is the next home game against ECU. And so finishing the season at 5-6, we’re not going to win any division title or even qualify for a lessor bowl game.

(CoogDentist) #4

We got destroyed but the worst team in the American. Let that sink in and now tell me why we should keep Applewhite.

(Albert) #5

Outscored 28-80 in the second half in the last two games!!! Not good! Our opponents are clearly making halftime adjustments. They have our vanilla offense figured out.

(Patrick) #6

(Patrick) #7