UCONN to fire Kevin Ollie - Hire Dan Hurley

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Going to try to fire him for cause.

Good…needed to happen for them, and the conference

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I have had a hard time figuring out how UConn has recruited elite players in the past…it was particularly annoying when they came in here and grabbed the Okafor kid years back and then won a national title with him…I have to believe they are as shady as they come…


After last night’s game they had 3 elite program coaches on talking about need to make changes to 1 and done rule. Had to chuckle that Roy Williams was one of them when it is public information how UNC cheated with fake classes and are one of the schools named in the FBI investigation. Of course he wants the rules changed ASAP because he wants to be able to say what UNC did is no longer against the rules.

PS - I know off topic but the Okafor comment triggered it.

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Calhoun was as crooked as they come.

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Ollie won with Calhoun’s players, they gave him time to try and get it done with his own; but that was enough; you go too long and you get out of the kids mind as a place to go to; simple as that.

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Ollie might be the worst HC that won a cbb national title

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Watching Ollie this past Sunday, guy looked like a micromanager or like he still wanted to play. When his team was on defense near him, he was moving up and down the sideline shouting instructions and trying to figure out whether or not his players were guarding close enough on defense. He was literally cocking his head to try and get different angles and then shouted something to that player or shouted “ok.” Just absolute insanity as I’d never seen a coach do that before to that extreme.

Realized immediately why his team full of talent cant win. Bet the next coach has them winning again immediately.

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Hmmm…I’m guessing this ends in a settlement, but it would be interesting if this does play out.

But Ollie’s contract stipulates he’s entitled to a hearing within the next 15 days to defend himself against the school’s claim that it has the right to fire him with “just cause” and avoid the multimillion-dollar payout he would receive if he were terminated without cause.

“If the director of athletics or more senior official judges that the grounds for dismissal or discipline require the immediate suspension of the bargaining unit member, the suspension shall be with pay until the hearings described … have taken place,” the collective bargaining agreement between Connecticut’s board of trustees and the AAUP states.

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UCONN, hopefully, wouldn’t seriously consider bringing back Calhoun.

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A real mess.

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At the very least, we’re a destination conference for basketball.

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AAC hoop could be looking very strong in a few years:

Just need UConn & Memphis to get NCAA tourney good again.

Add UH, CInn, WSU to the yearly mix and hopefully a rotating 6th team like SMU or Temple.

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While I understand your sentiment, the selection committee is reducing the number of non-P5 at-large bids every year

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How does Big East fit into these non P5 reductions since football left? You could substitute their bids for Pac 10 in this 17-18 down year. (3 bids)

Except BE cranks bids out yearly.

If the AAC has worthy teams they will get in. Just need wins.

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$3 million. @Same $ as UConn.