UGA takes down Memphis

Dawgs beat the Tigers, UGA shot 49%, Memphis D may be suspect.

I have no idea how good the Coogs are. On any given day I see a deep tournament run team or a .500 conference team. But Memphis is not unbeatable, the Coogs can take this conference.


More worried about Cincy and Cumberland than Memphis. Seems that kid will never leave college. Lol


He ain’t gonna have a 6-1 guard on him when he plays UH this year, like last year.


Sampson has forgotten more about coaching than Hardaway will ever know.

Talent can take you a long way, but I’ll take Sampson over the Hardaway Moving Company.


That kid can ball. Why didn’t he go pro?

Fixed it for you.

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I have no idea. Just wish he’d leave. Soon too. Lol

Cumberland has regressed as a player. As to why he didn’t go pro, he’s a tweeter that’s not a great shooter. Remember what Nate did to him last year?


I sure hope you are right as far as his regression. I feel like we had a hard time stopping him and he could just score at will.

I don’t recall Nate shutting him down.

UGA shot 39%, Memphis 36%.

He did in the second half of the game at the FC.

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I will be very surprised if we take the conference. This is Wichita state to take provided they stay healthy. IMO, Wichita state is so good that they are a potential final four team this year. They can beat anyone on a given day.


Yep, he would just shoot over Corey. It was Nate putting the clamps on Cumberland and Dejon’s penetration on the offensive end

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I’m more concerned about Wichita State than either. I think that with so many new faces starting and contributing that we still have a lot of room for improvement and could win the league. But WSU seems to have that chemistry that’s so crucial in college basketball. They’ve beaten Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, VCU, and crushed Ole Miss today. I think their only loss was at West Virginia, #9 in the NET rankings. As of today, I’d put WSU 1st, UH and Memphis about tied for 2nd, and then it’s tough to say after that. I was hoping we’d get four schools in the Tournament again, and we still might, but I feel less optimistic about that now.


I think right now that Memphis is better than Cincy!

I agree about WSU, but we will know more after a few weeks of AAC play!

I have come to realize that WSU tends to play soft the last couple years. We are a bad matchup for WSU with our intensity. In the games we won over them they will go on a run but once you punch them in the mouth they tend to fold.

So can we !

Its gonna be one Hell of a rough and tumble year in the AAC…reminds me of the first few years of the big east. Good coaches, good programs, great talent…street brawls every week.