UH $1B campaign

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Campaign Progress: $738.4 Million raised towards the $1 billion goal.

Number of donors to date: 144,327

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I wonder if that is net of any insurance.

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The University of Houston System raised a record $154 million in fiscal year 2017, signaling an extraordinary start to the public phase of its $1 billion “Here, We Go” Campaign. As of October 1, 2017, $777.2 million had been raised by more than 162,000 donors since the campaign officially began its quiet phase in 2012.

The funds, secured via the University of Houston’s most ambitious philanthropic initiative ever come in the form of private gifts and grants, largely in support of the campaign’s five strategic priorities: student success/scholarships; recruitment/retention of distinguished faculty; enhanced facilities; a healthy Houston economy/community; and strengthening nationally relevant athletics programs.

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Is this money that will become part of UH’s endowment or is it money that’s spent as soon as it’s received?

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Over $100M raised in 6 months.

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That’s impressive. Keep it going!

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The University of Houston System raised nearly $145 million in private support in fiscal year 2018, the second largest total in UHS history, trailing only the previous year when the public phase of the $1 billion “Here, We Go” Campaign was launched.

The University of Houston, the flagship of the UH System, raised nearly $136 million for key initiatives including student success, research, a new medical school and many more. Among UH undergraduate alumni donors, 36 percent increased their donation over the previous year while the median annual gift size nearly doubled.

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Excellent news. Go Coogs!


The goal was $1B by 2020.

With nearly 2 months left in 2018, we are at $957M per the website.

If we continue to raise $150M a year, we’ll hit $1B in early 2019 and $1.25B by the end of 2020.

Perhaps they will revise the goal? Or will they call an end to it once $1B is hit?

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I hope they just set a new one and keep rolling!


I would assume they would have another capital campaign in 2027 for the centennial

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They would keep going.

The goal is to raise as much funds as possible. I can easily see us reach the $1.2B, especially with the momentum of the approval for a medical school.