UH #330 on Forbes Top Colleges List 2018 - Up 39 spots from last year


Methodology: https://www.forbes.com/sites/cartercoudriet/2018/08/20/top-colleges-2018-the-methodology/#2bb3001d3098

I should have gone here!

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The UT and TAMU systems get paid hundreds of millions of dollars through the PUF, and yet they only manage to place 3 schools in the top 300, with 0 in the top 50 and 1 in the top 100. You’d expect the 3rd largest state in the country to have at least one public school in the top 50.

Meanwhille UC and Cal State have 11 in the top 301, with 2 in the top 50 and 6 in the top 100.

What a waste of good PUF money.


Making steady progress forward. Go Coogs!

State of Texas Higher Education in a nutshell


So I took a deeper look at their methodology. It’s pretty much garbage. 40% of the ranking comes from alumni salary and debt, which can depend heavily on the social class of the students you educate. Schools that take wealthy students get a huge advantage in these rankings, and it probably explains why SMU is #104.

Also, graduation rates make up 12.5% of the score, yet they use data from 2009. The Forbe’s website says our 4 year graduation rate for first-time/full-time students is 18%. The most recent figure off of UH’s website is 32.5%.


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